Make it easier to save microprofiler dumps

Taking microprofiler dumps requires making two precise clicks (or three if you want to pause first) which can be difficult to accomplish efficiently.

This makes it difficult to use in situations where you need to take a microprofiler dump very quickly after triggering some frames of interest (e.g. by performing an action in-game), or when the game’s framerate is so low that it’s difficult to control the mouse and get timely feedback in the microprofiler GUI.

It is sometimes possible to make small modifications to the game’s code so that frames of interest can be delayed arbitrarily to give us time to get the mouse over the pause button or other stuff like that, but it’s a pain to do and I’d much rather the microprofiler was just easier to use in the first place.

Two solutions I would be happy with include:

  • Hotkeys for both pausing and dumping which will just work regardless of framerate.
  • A way to trigger dumps or otherwise control the microprofiler from code. This would let us implement the hotkeys ourselves (which is fine cause we only need to write that code once). It would also be useful for taking dumps at precise times, such as directly after frames of interest.

Tiny little button on 4K screen with 150% DPI scaling, and lots of buttons nearby to press accidentally…


I accidentally discovered the hotkey to pause the microprofiler: Ctrl+P.

It’s also written in the docs, right at the bottom of this article: Using MicroProfiler | Roblox Creator Documentation

That’ll be good enough for me, though the other features would be appreciated.

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