Make Live-Ops more visible to the community

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to see a great deal of benefit from Live-Ops, as not a lot of people even know about it or care to check it out, being hidden in the Sidebar giving its visibility an extra step greatly reduces chances of people checking out what games are in the Live-Ops.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my game / my development experience because it would give the games participating an even greater audience to showcase their events to, and make creating special events and participating in this feature an even greater opportunity.

A lot of developers either completely forgot this existed or didn’t know it was a thing from the first place.

Live-Ops is meant to be a replacement for Roblox events. Events were greatly advertised and hyped, replacing Events with a feature that is pretty much hidden to the community discourages developers from taking the time and participating in it, which in turn reduces the amount of cool events happening around Roblox for the community to enjoy and be excited about.


Live-Ops should replace the top earning section of the games page.


When live ops was announced I was really hoping that it would be something similar to the games activity tab on Discord:

This is a lot closer to what one of my biggest feature requests ever was shooting for. Instead we got 60 character messages that can only be sent once a week and are completely useless



As of right now there are only two games utilizing liveops. I highly doubt liveops are going to gain traction if only two games are utilizing them and liveops are hidden on the events tab:

Especially with the dark theme turned on, who’s going to notice that? And more importantly, who’s going to care? “This Week On Roblox” in blue and white text is not appealing at all and clearly it’s not cutting it.

Are liveops going to be phased out, just like the last event-related update was? Because it seems like they’re already an afterthought.

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From my personal experience, I rarely check the Live-Ops page because it’s so hidden, and I’m positive other people also don’t check due to it’s location.

Right now, there is only two games being promoted on the page

Is this because lack of people applying to use it or is there honestly would 2 games eligible for it this week?

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Live-ops should have front and center real estate on the games page. It’s absurd that it’s tucked away somewhere. People want to play games, they’re not going to click into a mysterious boring looking page in the sidebar. If nobody is applying for it (which is what it seems like), maybe it’s because it’s effectively pointless when the only promotion space you get for the effort is in some dark corner, and the venue to apply through is so obscure.


Haven’t checked liveops since the first week, the button is too out of the way compared to the front page, should be a top sort

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Currently there are once again only two games partaking in Live-ops, and one of these games was sent through the news inbox (to increase visibility?)

Are improvements to Live-ops presence on the website backlogged?

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This may look like a good idea, but nobody knows when Roblox adds news to their inbox because it isn’t shown as an unread message on the left sidebar. I didn’t see much return from this even though the entire roblox player base got my game’s link in their inbox they didn’t really get a good link though since you can’t click it, it’s just a shortened hyperlink :frowning: