Make Motor6D face a part

I’m trying to make my dummy’s right shoulder motor6d C1 face a part. See this is the code what I wanted to do

workspace.Dummy.Torso["Right Shoulder"].C1=workspace.Dummy.Torso["Right Shoulder"].C1*["Right Shoulder"]

But it doesn’t work. I’m trying to make it face a part like this

I don’t know the answer, but wow, that title needs some fixing so people understand what you’re trying to do!
You could also try using the search tool to find “how to make an arm face a Part” or something like that.

Ok I fixed it but if you don’t know the answer then don’t post

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This is what I worked out so far

local he = true while he==true do wait() local x,y,z =["Right Shoulder"].C0.Position, workspace.Dummy.Torso["Right Shoulder"].C1=workspace.Dummy.Torso["Left Shoulder"].C1*CFrame.fromEulerAnglesXYZ(x,y,z) print(tostring(x)..", "..tostring(y)..", "..tostring(z)) end

But it’s not right

You see, what’s wrong in that video is that the arm isn’t actually facing the part. If I use math.deg() for x y and z it works somewhat in close range but when it’s far away and i sort of pan it it just goes haywire.
What’s happening here? Can somebody please help?

You see I’m not exactly a master yet when it comes to geometry and linear algebra. I need someone here who has a skill in mathematics and programming to help me with this case of Motor6Ds CFrames Positions and blajavaja (made up word right there). I know how to make a part face another part using Cframes, but when it comes to Motor6Ds, I’m stumped. I’ve never actually even worked with Motor6Ds until now, so this is my first time.

Something about me you should know is that I’m a quick learner if I’m given information written in a form that I can understand. I’m not here to wait for other people to give me google search results or a 10 page long article from I’m here for quick, concise, and theoretically persistent answers which can guide me to my scripting stardom!

Anyway, I’m looking for people who know the insides and outs of CFrames (no pun intended, I know people who know stuff about 3D matrixes, they’re just too impatient to help out in this scripting support topic. I know this paragraph is just filler, but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do in order for his question to be delightfully and (immediately) answered. I know a bit about matrixes myself, and how they’re in charge of faces of parts and such. I wonder what implications manipulating 3D matrixies with CFrame has. You could make all sorts of crazy stuff I’d believe, if you knew the correct math. Particle physics, even. Somebody’s going to discover the framework someday and we’ll all be using it to make all sorts of crazy stuff David Baszucki never even knew was possible in his own game engine. Erik would be proud.

Alright, so I figured out how to make it face that, but apparently it goes inverse Y with I’m doing it boing?

example for you

Teleportation with camera manipulation? - Help and Feedback / Scripting Support - DevForum | Roblox

What do you mean you know exactly how to do what I want? You shortened it to 6 words. Nobody writes 6 words for an answer for something about CFrames. That “example” doesn’t even answer my question. Mine is specific, and no, you don’t know exactly how I want to do what I want.

Also, I’m not salty, I’m just stating the facts. You’re not fit right now to answer my question. Nobody will know what you mean if you just write 6 words.

I have literally done it…

like 2 months ago, I wrote a script for it dude…

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How can you not understand “Set the look vector”

you set the look vector

to what ever block you want

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and the front will look at the center of the block you set it to look at

hope this helps


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You don’t just “set the look vector”. It’s a motor6d, and I’m setting a C1.

does it have to be that? if not then none of my stuff applies lol

just seems over complicated you know

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Alright then, show me the script. My problem is specific and it deals with motor6ds, something that already has an offset cframe.

Yes, it HAS to be that. It’s working with ROBLOX CHARACTERS. You should have known from the start, it’s trivial knowledge.

Adding on, you cannot set a lookvector by itself. It’s from an equation of a property, not the other way around. Also, you’re just being rhetorical

When i did this I just set the look vector in a while loop

that’s my answer

(also when I said set the look vector I mean write code that sets the look vector, its a oversimplification)

and also bye this is going no where