Make Particles Render based on Camera.Focus instead of the Camera.CFrame

As it stands. It’s currently impossible to render particles beyond 1000 studs.

While that is fine for the more practical uses it’s not possible to do anything like a 2D/isometric camera that rely on using 1 FOV to stimulate a no depth scenario.

I propose to let Camera.Focus be the deciding factor in which the particles render. It would totally help me and many others who would like to tinker around with the camera and create cool concepts without resorting to remake particles using BillBoardGuis and Code


I support this heavily, this can enable for more immersive experiences and allow for having more control over the engine particle culler.

On another note, I still don’t know why particles don’t have a inbuilt LOD parameter for off-screen & distance, maybe this could be a possibility some time down the line.