Make parts move around player without rotating?

I’m trying to make something that looks like the video provided (the part where he selects his character!) edxaid (|video
how would I make these revolve around the player without rotating the actual parts?

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You would take the parts than use a forloop and some trig to rotate them.

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i’m new to this can you explain it to me? I haven’t done cframe or any of that yet

Do you have the parts you want to rotate already made?

yes, they’re the parts in the image. I have them in the start position

OK I am making the code for you know as it uses trigonometry and you may not understand it so wait about 2 minutes.


Here I am done. Here is the code, it will need to be modifyed a bit to work with you.

local character = workspace:WaitForChild("AC_Starmarine"):WaitForChild("HumanoidRootPart") -- test code to try out

local DISTANCE = 10 -- radius/distance to rotate from the player.

local increment = 0

local parts = {}

local offset = 360/#parts -- make a perfect angle distance for each part no matter how many parts by dividing a whole circle by the amount of parts.

local rs = game:GetService("RunService")

	increment += dt * 10 -- number is the speed multiplyer
	for i,v in pairs(parts) do -- v is the current part
		local trueOffset = offset * i
		v.Position = + math.sin(math.rad(increment+trueOffset)) * DISTANCE,character.Position.Y ,character.Position.Z + math.cos(math.rad(increment+trueOffset)) * DISTANCE)

Is AC_Starmarine the part name?

No that’s my character I used to test it. You will need to set it to your character before the rest of the script will work.

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Names of the parts go in the {}? (Sorry I am learning scripting right now.)

Well you link to the parts in the work space. So like workspace.PartNameHere will work.

What type of script is it and where does it go?

Well its just a test script. If you wanted it to work for all players than you would have to put it in character scripts script.

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So like this would work? (Sorry for asking a lot.)

No you put the name of the part you want in the PartNameHere.

would I use anchored parts? or how would I do this

Yes anchored parts would prevent any other movement than the circulation. You may want to disable collision though or it could hit into other players or unanchored parts and fling them.

The parts have disappeared but I don’t see them around me and they aren’t in the workspace anymore

Let me see your code and what changed you made because it shouldn’t do that as there is nothing to destroy parts in my script.

Where does it say PartNameHere?