Make Player/GetNetworkPing accessible on the Client

Currently it is too difficult to display the current player’s ping accurately without any delays or causing network strains.

I am aware of methods such as using a ValueBase or Attributes however I do not believe that it is best practice to replicate this property every Replication step.

nor should I be using RemoteEvents and RemoteFunctions which has a delay and will display inaccurate and outdated data to the players.

therefore it is best for Roblox to make Player/GetNetworkPing accessible to LocalScripts, adding this will improve many developer’s experience as well as players.

For my own personal use case I’d be monitoring my client’s ping and display it on a graph in which this is currently impossible or at least very difficult to do with the limitations of Player/GetNetworkPing

There are other developers that will agree with this feature request


Thanks for your report! We have plans to allow GetNetworkPing to be accessible for players on the server, and for the LocalPlayer on the client. Let me know if that solves for your use case. Thanks!


That would definitely be helpful to my use case.

Does this means that the LocalPlayer will not be able to access another player’s GetNetworkPing?

If so it will not support use cases that others have mentioned

Are these restrictions set in placed due to security risks or performance issues?

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It is a bit of both, but also I think you could easily keep a list on the server of ping if necessary for your use case.


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