Make plugins load in the order of install date (in the ribbonbar)

Plugins are hard to find when they randomly switch positions upon each new studio window.

Recently, the Manage Plugins window was updated to populate the plugins list in order of install date, which somewhat helps find plugins. If there were an alphabetical sort & active/inactive sort too, that’d make it even better! I would like this feature to extend to the ribbonbar. Currently this random behavior disrupts workflow.

Related, when the plugins change size, sometimes the pictures don’t load.

Edit in 2023: It appears the sizes and icons load consistently now, but the orders are still randomized upon each load! I have updated the screenshot, but I am leaving the original image in a spoiler for posterity.


Or I’d prefer if it was something that you could drag and drop them to personalize them in the order you’d like.

I got a bit of a laugh reading this since I was thinking the same last night about when you go to the Create tab on the website it doesn’t pull up the most recent place you’ve been working on. There’s a filter tool that doesn’t work.
It’d be nice to actually be able to organize (personal settings) a lot of stuff on Roblox.