Make premium users get VIP admin on HD Admin

Hello, I’m working on a F3X RP game.
Now there’s an issue I can’t evict rn.
I want HD Admin to actually make all premium users get VIP on join without need for admins to do it.
Is there any way to make the admin system do it? I would valuate it so much since I have no idea on how.


Greetings @dani31c,

By premium users do you mean players with the roblox premium membership or a premium feature you have in-game?

I think he means Roblox Premium. This may be because of the new Premium Payouts service. I think he wants to make the most of it.

This should work if u meant Roblox premium.

	if Player.MembershipType == Enum.MembershipType.Premium then
		_G.HDAdminMain:GetModule("PlayerData"):ChangeStat(Player, "Rank", 1)

Also, the 1 in the script should refer to vip rank but I’m not sure, because 5 is owner.


Premium membership, Scxipted.
Well, about all using the new feature modal.

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A thing, and what about when I touch a brick If I’m premium then it gives me VIP? It’s to prevent premium admins getting demoted everytime they join.

Just change the connection to Touched on the part you want, documentation:

Lets start from this.
I want to a part to localise the person that touched the part, check If he’s a premium membership member and then proceed to an action. Else it’ll ask to buy premium.

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Found out VIP rank is 1 not 2.

local Part = workspace.Part -- change to what part you are reffering to.
local Player

	if Touched.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid", true) then
		Player = game:GetService("Players"):GetPlayerFromCharacter(Touched.Parent)
		if Player.MembershipType == Enum.MembershipType.Premium then
			_G.HDAdminMain:GetModule("PlayerData"):ChangeStat(Player, "Rank", 1)

This should get the job done but I recommend adding debounce just incase. Also, you could check if the players rank is higher than VIP to avoid accidental demotions.

Also if you want the rank to save permanently then add this line after the premium check: (not recommending beacuse players premium can expire.)
_G.HDAdminMain:GetModule("PlayerData"):ChangeStat(Player, "SaveRank", true)

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Dont worry, I will make a confirmation system before using the block, and it’s no need to get permrank.
But thanks!

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We’ll introduce premium-incentive features like this into V3 (without the need to code yourself). Thanks for the suggestion.


No problem. I was having trouble with it thought.
I will use vwize’s answer until that feature comes out so.

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This is easy, you just have to scroll down in the HD admin till you see the options.


{game creators} “username”
{owner commands} “username”
{administrators} “username”
{moderators} “username”
{vip commands/perks} "username’

This should be how HD admin is set, hope this fixed it, if you din’t get a good reply yet, then I hope this will help you.


Actually this was solved and the answer is adding a premium benefit module until the new version adds it…
Well, anyways thanks for collaborating! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, I’m gonna use that for my premium hangout game. I’ll make sure to give credit.