Make specifying "rbxassetid://" optional

The Problem

As a Roblox developer, it is currently quite time-consuming and clunky to specify rbxassetid:// when creating objects such as ParticleEmitters, meshes, textures, sounds, etc. with code.

These objects, and others, require you to specify a content ID path. Unfortunately, you cannot just use the raw ID like in the Roblox Studio Properties widget. There is no automatic formatting. You need to remember the path string and combine it with the ID. This is both clunky and results in ugly concatenation.

Possible Solution

In looking at documentation for the “Content” data type, there are very minimal things that would NOT utilize a rbxassetid.

It would be great if various Instance properties (e.g. TextureID, SoundId, etc.) accepted both a number and the current “string” type. If a string type is accepted, backwards compatibility is maintained and the existing, albeit uncommon, other content paths remain possible. By accepting a number and assuming it would be for a rbxassetid, this solves the friction I mentioned earlier.

Alternatively, a global value or enum that returns rbxassetid:// would make the string paradigm easier to remember, though may be clunky and undesired in its own way.

There may be reasons for why this can’t be done, I’m not sure, but I figured this would be worthwhile to ask for and learn whether or not this is possible / a good idea. A controversial feature request to be sure.