Make the GuiObject Transparency property layer ontop of existing transparency properties

At the moment to create transparency tweens for a large amount of UI objects one has to determine what UI object type it is to change its transparency stats, to make an image fade you must change “ImageTransparency” and for a frame “BackgroundTransparency” for instance. I know this might be unnecessary but I think it’d be a small relief if there was a ‘relative transparency’ feature for UI objects which applies a transparency to existing transparency properties i.e. increasing the transparency properties of the object proportionally.

There is a transparency feature similar to this on all GuiObjects but this sets the transparency of both text and background and this may not be what you are after.

I’m aware you could always check what the type of UI object is to determine what transparency properties to change but making this feature would just be a small hassle removed and an improvement of the existing transparency feature.

Long story short, make the GuiObject transparency feature proportional to its existing text, background etc. transparency values.