Making a Casino - Things to consider?

I was hoping to get some guidance from the community on the Do’s and Don’ts of gambling in roblox.

To my understanding, you are allowed to create gambling systems as long as

  1. It is not rigged
  2. It does not use Robux or Real Money

Some examples of this in games are - Crate Systems - Random Pet Givers -

Which means the best way to monetize a game like this would be to have robux only used on accessory items such as custom decks, custom tables, vip status, and other cosmetics, gamepasses (Increased odds to win slot machines, custom deck packs, housing accessories). The money that you earn in-game can be used to buy things like titles, pets, decks, house accessories among many other things. There would be a leveling system, the more you play the higher your level and the higher the rewards you get from daily login are as well as Group Daily rewards. Higher levels will also allow you to access higher stake tables that are more competitive.

Players would earn money with a starting balance of an amount when they first join the game. Then they would also get daily login bonuses as well as friend referrals so that if they run out of money they just have to come back the next day to get some more from the daily login. They would earn money by gambling and it would not touch anything robux related.

There would of course be non-gambling activities involved such as bingo in order to keep players entertained even without a balance. They can earn money by getting a bingo which they can then use however they please. There are also other things I have considered for options to allow the player to continue playing even with a low/nil balance.

Is there anything else to watch out for if designing a Competitive Casino Game?

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Sadly casinos are not allowed that would cause gambling addictions


But gambling is allowed as long as you don’t use Robux or Real money.

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Gambling is not allowed on roblox, nor do they promote it.


Gambling is allowed, case systems and pet givers are a perfect example of that. There are also games with slot machines on roblox.

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Why are you asking if you are sure it is allowed?

Okay if you believe it’s allowed go ahead and make the game.

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I’m asking for if there is any information I am missing or things to watch out for when making one.


You should be more clear when asking a question.


However, like @ORLANDOMAGIC00 said, you are promoting gambling. Which can addict players to gambling and they can start doing that for real. I would encourage you not to make that type of game.

If you’ve played da amazing bunker simulator

They have a casino on level 5, and Roblox allows it.

Using what they have, you can give the player a currency every 4 hours, and they use it on the machines.


Well I would not do this. It would teach people about gambling, I don’t think that is very appropriate, but do whatever you think will work.

Case systems are also a form of gambling and many games have that.

The Plaza by Widgeon has a casino and it has survived a while, so it should be fine.

If you want to disagree with everyone’s opinion then go ahead and make the game.


You’re saying it’s not allowed. It either is allowed or isn’t, that’s not an opinionable matter.

You are promoting gambling. If children play your game, gambling could end up being their future…

They would probably think it’s okay to gamble… which it’s not. The game you make now can affect the children who play your game’s future.

Case systems are a form of gambling that are in a lot of games on roblox.

However it works in different form. In real life you won’t have cases with pets dropping out randomly for money. But casinos do exist in real life.

Give the player currency in this amount of time (Let’s say: 6 hours), and have them use it on the machines.

Roblox allows this, because you aren’t spending to make money, instead, you are using the currency that is given to you every 6 hours to win other items.