Making a developer simulator game

Hello there fellow Developers!!

How do i make a Developer Simulator game?
I need a script that plays a animation that a player is sitting in a chair and a typing anim plays and then starts earning Money and then if there done making the game. The Typing anim stops and then the player stands. and then they’ll earn likes, Favorites.

Just like [x2] Youtube Life

Pls if your part of DevEngagement Team. I did not ask for whole script. I just wanted some ideas.


Sitting Animation:

You can then use some checks to see if the player has done what he needed to, and then just jump him from the seat. And destroy the animation.

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But, The problem is. I do not have an anim that plays like the player typing…And i do not know how to animate

Roblox recently added a feature which lets you convert video into animation for r15 and rthro avatars you could try that or practice animating a typing animation is pretty simple and shouldn’t take you too long
other then that the rest should be pretty easy by following the previous video sent by Valkyrop which also showcases making an animation