Making a GUI fit to player's screen

I know that whenever I create a gui on the screen in studio (eg. Shop Button), it doesn’t adjust to the player’s screen. Sometimes, the button appears somewhat in the middle of the screen (which is supposed to be on the side) when I use my Mac Big Sur, because the screen is much bigger. When I switch to mobile, the shop button is so large that I cannot see a thing. Is there a way to auto-adjust or fix this?

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You scaled in the wrong way, but if you want to scale in that way, use plugin to make size equals on all devices.

Use the scale property instead of offset for the size. The screen size with scale is always 1, and the offset property is (I think) pixels.

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using only the scaling property will squash gui’s on smaller screens!

I recommend visiting this topic to learn more about how to fit gui to players screen: How do I achieve UI scaling like that?