Making a insanely hard obby! ENDED POLL NUKES WIN!

Hi everyone! I know that I have not been really active lately but that is because I was working on a new game or obby to be more precise! Now I know what you all are thinking, “Oh no another obby!!!” therefore I am glad to tell you that you are as wrong as heck!!! This obby is for true masters, *Btw all of you who are absolute TrSH at obbys (Like me) fear not there are 2x jump and 2x speed gamepasses!!! Also I am really proud at myself for the scripting and UI design that I did for this game (Though I still need to tween) now please all of you pros who can whip out amazing stuff in like 30 seconds plz don’t hate on me I am just a beginner!!!

Now comes the fun part! Here are some screenshots of the “Ingame experience” currently remember this is a WIP



Annotation 2020-08-30 132749


The obby’s neon theme makes it hard to see and make out edges. It seems pretty short and the ui is subpar. I do like the space theme but the game definitely needs more work.


lol yes obviously but as for the neon theme that makes the obby even harder!!!

Also it is not finished this is just it’s early development stage that is why it is short

It looks great but I have a problem with the UI’s. Maybe try largening the outline a bit and making the text more friendly, that would attract people to buy it. Keep up the great work! :+1:

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I hope that this is not r15, if it is then it’s a really bad obby. If it is r6 then you know what you are doing.

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Haha I am not that dumb lol it is r6

I will make better UI designs this is just the layout!

Hello everyone I revamped and redesigned the GUI’s here is a screenshot:

Annotation 2020-08-30 191737

@PlatformAggro what do u think any room for improvement I will probably change the GUI numerous times so please do not hesitate to say things!!!


It looks way better and more friendly! Keep up the great work! :+1:

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Ok so I made some pretty good progress there is now a shop GUI!!! Here is a screenshot

Annotation 2020-08-31 083516

now all I gotta go is tween this baby

Add nuke like in impossible obby so albert can bring fame to you game

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lol maybe for now I am just getting a good look for my gui

Ew no don’t add nuke, that will not make it fun, simply more annoying and you don’t want that.

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Having some scripting problems and since I am not the best scripter I am working through them at a slow pace also I completely changed the open and close button design to make it simpler and easier for people to open the shop.

Nuke is fun though (and it costs 5k robux so not that often will it explode)

Helloooo everyone I am really happy about the GUI it now has a very smooth transition I bet you all will like it probably going to release the game next month.

Obbies are just not original anymore, it’s so simple. The difficulity won’t make it more interesting. :confused:

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But the GUI will :upside_down_face: :eyes:

What will be so special about the GUI if i may ask?