prTESTAQ: User Interface, Terrain, Lighting (Closed)


Hello there! I am prTESTAQ, I started my journey into development around April 2020, and I have grown since then, I guess you could call me a jack of mostly all traits, but there is still a lot for me to learn, looking forward to working with you.

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Note: Tree model not by me

Terrain + Lighting (Not Available)

More to come soon, currently revamping



He meant to say UI :joy: (The comment above this)

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Varies upon assets needed

Varies upon map size

This is my cheapest service, depends upon complexity though

please note that I dev ex my robux


I live in the CST or to be more specific Texas, I try to work on weekdays, but I don’t get much done
the best times for me are Friday, Saturday, or Sunday

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I will take payment through group funds, but gamepass can be negotiated

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Discord is ImjustaStufful#5873
Or just here on the developer forum through PMs

Thank you for taking interest, and have a good day.


Please contact me.


Sent a request please accept so that we can talk. ok… haven’t heard from you in like 5 months so… goodbye

I’d recommend making it more lively. As in adding more stuff to your examples because something like a single arch with the sun going through it looks nice but doesn’t show much.

Thanks for your feedback I didn’t want to add too much detail though I will try to improve in the future!

Edit: Improved, take a look now, @GoblinSage
added many more examples and I am experienced in many more fields

Not trying to be rude or anything but if you want to criticize my work please do it in a constructive manner for example tell me what you are “Not impressed with” also please don’t judge people’s work like this:

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I don’t know what to give constructive criticism on if you haven’t shown us any work that isn’t a few terrain scribbles on an empty baseplate.

Have you undertook any large projects that you’re proud of? What have other people said about your work? I would include those things on your portfolio.

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Just wanted to say that prTESTAQ is a really great terrain artist, as I have been very impressed by there skill and enthusiasm! I’d totally recommend prTESTAQ.

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Thank you so much I love working with you

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I know I used them bc I was kind of bad at that time but I am much better now!

I know those are old pics please take a look at the pic at the bottom.

He wasn’t trying to sell the trees, he just wanted to show how it would look with trees.

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Yes, without trees it looks a little bland and as you all know I am not a modeler so I just pulled up a tree model and implanted it so that my work would not look as bland

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Also if you can read I put a little note that states that the tree model is not by me please read my posts before coming to a conclusion about me thank you for reading and stay safe

Such a good UI designer I really recommend this guy. He helped me with my new game.


I can vouch. He is a such hard-working dude and he works quickly and efficiently, providing great quality stuff. You should definitely hire him.

Vouching for prTESTAQ. :slight_smile:
He is always willing to help out with the other developers. Very hard worker! There’s so much dedication with what he does. Much appreciated.


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I am not a big fan of your UI but you have an interesting style. Keep up the good work! :smiley:

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So I am still open, and due to a lot of harsh criticism I have removed some examples that people have called “Horrible” and other names :grimacing: so I kept some of my best and got rid of things people didn’t like

Have a nice day and stay safe guys :grin:

Don’t feed the trolls! Keep the examples up if you think they are good. The best judge would be yourself. I could care less if people call them horrible and other names, if I am proud of them, I keep them. You should do the same. I haven’t had a problem with any of the designs I have seen on here. Keep up the good work!