Making a part shadow even when transparent

I want a part to cast a shadow. Like a normal part. But when I changed the transparency of it. The shadow disappeared. This is what is supposed to happen but I was wondering if there was another way.

I tried using the force field material. That worked but not fully transparent.

If I am unclear please tell me.

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Hey uh, your topic category is wrong, It’s supposed to be in #help-and-feedback:building-support

Hope you find your answer! :slight_smile:


Sorry about that, just placed it in building support. Do you know the answer?

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There are similar post like yours, maybe see if this topics answers your question?

Hope it helps! :+1:

I just figured out a fix on my own and I am posting it if anyone else is wondering how to do this.

  1. Make a new part and change the material to the force field
  2. Set the force field part transparency to -548305890385023850983508 or the lowest negative number you can
  3. It works.