Making Armor with Mesh Deformation

Im trying to make wearable armor using the Dogu15 Mesh Deformation Rig. Im basically trying to turn regular armor-looking meshes into meshes that bend along with the players limbs.

Ive tried making a mesh for the players LeftUpperArm and a seperate mesh for the LeftLowerArm. But when i parent it to the rig and bend the arm, a slit starts to show in the back, as well as the armor not properly lining up with the arm:

Combining the two armor pieces into one fixes the slit issue but still doesnt fix the lining up issue:

The original rig can somehow bend properly (with no slit) despite using 2 different meshes, how do I do this? And how do I make the armor line up with the limbs properly?

Weigth paint.
or try this

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