Making basic plane physics

I want to make a game with airplanes and I want to make the wings create dragcand go slower on their relative y axis, you know, how wings work, and i was wondering how i can closely emulate drag and other stuff like that to make control surfaces.


Yo, I have seen your previous post on making a plane crazy game so I believe you want something similar. For that you can start working with the center of lift and center of mass concept in plane crazy where the forces are being applied at those points that somehow make the plane fly and you can visible feel and be punished for severally misaligning them.

IDK I only build mechs on plane crazy

Please help I can’t build lol.

Currently I have found this videos in unity which explain the physics really nicely in audio and visual format while also having code bits to visualize the vector3 calculations that are happening to find the drag, lift, and rotational torque, the calculations should be the same in lua as it’s just vectors being multiplied by other vectors and scalars/numbers.

Usually unity or unreal engine gets all the advanced game tutorials that Roblox doesn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the resources to closely emulate drag in text form that touch on the same concepts as the videos, with even more physics based resources :confetti_ball: on how planes actually work: