Making character renders without blender! (using Studio)

Today, i will show you how to make renders much easier (Without Blender, and only using studio)

Making renders in blender can be hard for starters, so if you don’t fancy at blender (or you want to incorporate your roblox map to it without exporting it to blender), you can use this method!

Setting up the green screen

First, we need to create a classic baseplate map

Then, select the baseplate in the explorer (we will do some changes to it in the properties window)

Now, with the baseplate selected, change its size in the properties window (From 512, 20, 512 to 2048, 20, 2048

Then, rotate it 90° degrees at X axis, like this

Okay, now we need to change the material to neon (because the neon material does not make the projected shadows visible)

And then, change the color to bright green (or lime green)

  • But wait a second, the green screen is glowing, how do we fix this?

Simply insert a Bloom Post-Processing effect in Lightning, and then incercrase the threshold to 4, this will remove every glow and bloom, making it easier to cut out the image at the end

(OPTIONAL) Now, add a ColorCorrection effect with (also optional) this configuration:

(Just to make colors feel more alive or less boring, or simply change the colors)

I Heavily recommend you to change the Lightning Technology to Future (because it is the most realistic lightning technology so far)

But feel free to use any lightning technology you want

  • TL;DR: Pre-made green screen → GreenScreen_!.rbxl (22,6 KB)
    (With optional configurations included)

Now, proceed to the next step

Setting up the character

Simply insert any character of any player you want, but i heavily recommend you to use Dogu15, wich does not have gaps between the rig parts, as you can see below


If you are going to use Dogu15 you must dress your Dogu15 character up with the clothing and accessories from the inserted character

  • In this case, i will use Dogu15

(OPTIONAL) When you have inserted your character, you can change the material of the character to SmoothPlastic, so it might look something like this:

Now, with you character inserted (remember to move it to the front of the green screen, so you can take the screenshot) you can make a pose for it (with you favourite animation editor)

But after it, we need to remove the name in the top of the head (Also make sure to remove any ParticleEmitter, fire, sparkles, etc.)

To remove the name on the top of the head, simply select the Humanoid inside the model, and change the property DisplayDistanceType to None

And now, simply make the pose for it… (you must know how to use the animation editor)

  • If you use the default animation editor, you migt need to move up some studs your rig, so the wihte grid becomes invisible, also disable the view selector when you are done

Getting the image

Now, once you finished take a screenshot of the character (with the green screen behind) and remove the green parts (i use Photoscape X for this process, but feel free to use any Photoshop software you want)

Then, it could look something like this:


Thanks for reading, i hope you learnt something new today!


I’m pretty confused on how the Bloom affects the GFX.

Also, instead of what you did, you should delete the Baseplate and use a greenscreen sky: Greenscreen Skybox/Green Skybox /;MintyOwl;\ - Roblox

This makes it way easier to delete the green, using Pixlr or Paint.

I’ll be checking out Dogu15, though.

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The bloom effect removes any bloom visible in the gfx, this is because it can be a little bit complicated to remove the green parts with blooms whoose colours are not green (at least with the software i use)

I do not recommend doing this, because if you change the skybox, you change the entire ambient colour.

Sorry for my english

Not sure why you would put all the effort into making a GFX in studio when you could do it in blender pretty easy with a tutorial guiding you through the steps. I mean this method would be fine if you didn’t have the green lines around your avatar from the greenscreen.

It’s an interesting idea but it’s not really rendering it and the quality is super poor compared to using a rendering software

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Well, this is a quicker way to do it.

Also, you don’t need to use a green screen, you can direcly put a character in a roblox map (and changing the pose of the chartacter) and then take a screenshot, to use it as a render (so, with this you might get a sort of render = game)

I think they are barely unnoticeable, you need to look really close to see them (i also removed the green background in a span of 2 minuites)

Well, its poor, but not that poor, i think

For example

RobloxScreenShot20210418_005227835-cutout RobloxScreenShot20210418_005204610-cutout

u could just use smthg like Remove Background from Image –