Making Community Resources regular-only

Two posts (post, post) already mention this, but I think I’m gonna take it one step forward, and suggest to make Community Resources regular only again, with PA of course (I’m pretty sure it was, correct me if I’m wrong). The quality there has dropped so much, and the category lost its purpose, people are just sending random videos they found on youtube, linking random resources that already have been linked. Not so long ago someone made a trivial topic where his obfuscator was a backdoor, and much more. Even the open-source topics suck in my opinion, it’s not something you’re interested in.

I’d say making any post (by members) there go through Post Approval purpose is a great idea.

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In my opinion, if the quality of a post is too low or it’s too trivial for its category then you should just flag the topic and let Developer Relations take care of it;
if it becomes Regular-only then it’s going to take too long for members to make good posts as well, due to the PostApproval procedure - although this might be a good bargain for better posts in CR.


The first post mentioned something very true:

Whenever I see a low quality post, I come back and found out that it was either flagged, removed by either the poster himself or a sage, so why do we need to inform sages and people whose duty is to take care of this, when we can restrict bad posts.

Also, I don’t see many good posts in the category, people aren’t taking advantage of the instant post unfortunately. And as well, if the post is good, then it will surely pass the PA process even if it takes a long time.

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I agree. There are countless posts out there asking for a PA addition or for a Regular trust level requirement. Why isn’t our opinion heard? Even non-Regulars agree to this.

Edit: Once a PA member said that they might PA there back.


To be honest, I’ve haven’t seen that many bad post, and like someone said, just flag it.

They have said it before, they saying it again; PA is not coming back to the Community Resources category any time soon.

Buildthomas has stated in a previous topic about PA that it got removed due to they having problems just keeping up with #platform-feedback requests from members (or something like that)


Interesting. If possible can you please link the thread?

I don’t see the problem with Community Resources, out of all categories that need approval it’s probably the one with the least activity, with community tutorials after it. I might be wrong in what I’m about to say, but it feels like the PA process is so simple, and I find it weird how people of higher ranks in the community make it sound like a big deal. You take a good 15-20 mins checking out the post, and do your job. It’s true that they’re volunteers, but I don’t think their task is hard to this point. And one of the main points of the forum is to become someone with more reputation in the community, it seems that not so many Top Contributors are becoming Post Approvals, if there is too much work, find more volunteers that are ready. It has been a long time since I’ve heard that someone became a member of PA.

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Sure. Here you go, for you for others who doesn’t know about it;

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Thanks, but this post was just made during the start of the pandemic because obviously people had more important things to do, I don’t see it mentioning that Post Approval will no longer work on #resources:community-resources.

There is too much crap in the category. It has become the toolbox, and people are flat out asking questions that would belong in a #help-and-feedback category. Please take making #resources regular+ into consideration. There is no way these types of posts should be possible.

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I agree, thomas said that manual post approval isn’t gonna be the right solution, but temporarily I think we should bring it back for a little bit until a replacement is found.

I like the idea however before this was changed, back when I was a New Member I always wanted to post something in #resources to contribute to the community.

Without this new change new users wouldn’t be able to do much other than ask questions.

It also seems like there aren’t as many bad Resource Topics made recently, so I don’t really see why they should revert it back, despite it being really bad at first, It seems like the issue has improved over time.

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Not really. See:

It still happens though, that is the problem

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I say yes. Everything there is filled with discord this, discord that, and things that could just have been made with 2 hours and a bottle of water. Would be great to have a bump in quality content.

please give me regular i am so active on these forums i make good posts please im begging

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I see where you are coming from. However, on the lines of what @XxELECTROFUSIONxX has said, some users who are not a regular, may be great at making resources for others to enjoy, whereas some are just… you know, bad.

An idea for this would to have a team of people reviewing them, to see if they are fit for the category? (Something similar to the CPA, but since they are busy now, an additional team may help)

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It is going to be the same thing and they might as well be merged. Adding more people to post approval or making a separate team and adding more people to that separate team simply does not scale.


Several posts on the Community Resource tab are ‘whitelists’, which are all the same thing. The category is getting REALLY bland, I agree.

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This would be a great solution, not sure if it would be accepted though due to how risky it is. A team of selected Regulars or Top Contributors perhaps.

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Alternatively, we could add a ‘mediary’ trust level between Member and Regular; for users trusted enough to be able to post in CR, but not trusted enough for platform feedback or lounge.


Reviving this as it isn’t getting much attention.

Ok, ever since this topic was created to the existence, I’ve seen almost 6-8 topics that aren’t contributed to the forums such as #resources:community-tutorials or #resources, it is always a new member who posts like a post that is supposed to be in recruitment or a tutorial that has been already made/not enough effort or just off-topic in general.

A lot of members create very good tutorials and resources and they are very appreciated by everyone on the forums for their contribution but some are just free model things re-textured and stuff and others are just random words put into the wrong category.

Yes, there is a flagging system in place that everyone can use but we don’t want to flag almost every single reply or post in these categories and stuff.

Clearly the poll shows 73% to 27%, which means everyone wants #resources and #resources:community-tutorials for regulars only so we don’t have to see this issue happen almost every day or five times a month.

100% support for this.