Resources needs a clean-up

As a Roblox developer and active DevForum user, it is currently too hard to find high-quality resources and tutorials in #resources because of several reasons.

Long before I joined the DevForum community, #resources used to only be for regulars, but this was back when post approval was still a thing, but then they decided to let members posted and this category has deteriorated from there.

Now even though I am a member, I would still support #resources becoming a category where only regulars can post in, but this is just a way we can clean up this category, there’s already a feature request about this. Unfortunately, with the current state of post approval, there is now way we can do this right now. The only thing we can do is make sure moderators know about the issues I am about to address.

There are many low-quality tutorials:

This is the first thing that comes into mind when addressing issues with the current state of #resources, and it is really starting to become a problem.

Example: How to say "hello"
All you gotta do is print(“Hello”)
Thanks for reading!

This makes it harder for people who often come to this category for high-quality tutorials because there are so many posts like the one in my example, and the creators of high-quality tutorials are not being praised enough because these low-quality tutorials are cluttering up the category.

A way we can fix this is to make the description for the “About the Community Tutorials category” to explicitly state that low-quality topics are not allowed. Something like:

Post something on here that will be useful for developers, however, avoid posting basic tutorials because many of these tutorials already exist.

People posting bad links

There have been countless posts and topics regarding malicious links and/or links that break the DevForum rules that are posted in these categories, and how there are no rules explicitly prohibiting this.

Since it is really easy to become a member, anyone can post these links in #resources, and they can avoid getting a harsh punishment for doing so since there is no rule regarding this.

The creators of community tutorials constantly go off-topic

This is something that has irritated me recently, and it is when half of the community resource or tutorial is spoilers where the poster makes an off-topic comment or joke. Now I understand that many people who do this have a great sense of humor, but sometimes there are dozens of these spoiler comments which pretty much makes half of the tutorial covered with off-topic nonsense. If you do not know what I am talking about, here is a fake example I made:

How to make a working dishwasher:
Hello DevForum users, today I will be showing you how to make a dishwasher! I am so tired today so first, I will show you or should I say “instruct you” how to model it I hope you are reading this Alvin Blox What you first need to do is make a regular box I am actually listening to the song “The Box” while I am making this, and then make a negative part inside the box, and then you have a basic dishwasher model wow that was easy, does it get harder?


  • Make the rules state that your tutorial should not be basic.
  • Enforce moderation action on people who put links into #resources that break DevForum rules and/or are malicious.
  • Prohibit topics filled with off-topic comments that are covered with spoilers.

If Roblox can address this issue, it would improve my experience on the DevForum and it make the community better as a whole.


Sadly, updating guidelines only solves a part of the issue (for those people who actually read the guidelines). The ultimate (and so far the only one) solution is to wait for post approval’s revival (or succession) and get the category locked behind Regulars. Some things just aren’t controllable (i.e. opening up to Members and expected high quality content) which is why the only viable solution is closing the category off from users who may have just spent an hour or two on the Forum and posting like they’re experts.

Currently, flagging is the only option of “cleaning up” the mess. Thankfully nowadays, DET is much more responsive especially due to newer team members.


This is already stated in the category guidance for #resources:community-tutorials.

For this reason I encourage you to just continue flagging. DET seems to remove these posts quickly once flagged, so I don’t see this as a concern.

In addition to the points already mentioned, I feel Roblox should better define the line between what they consider to be significant and insignificant resources in #resources:community-resources. I’ve previously flagged multiple topics which only share very few, poor-quality, unusable assets, however my flags have just been dismissed.

What I believe to be insignificant based on the current category guidance is obviously different to Roblox’s view on the matter. For this reason, I believe some clarification would be useful to clearly define how much content per topic is deemed a suitable amount and clear up any ambiguity.


I’m all for locking the category for regulars if there was a clear way to rank up to that “status”.

Being a regular doesn’t necessarily mean you will post great resources.

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Can you sort by top viewed, top liked, etc to see higher quality resources?

Sorting by latest (default view) is almost always going to be a bad experience on public media regardless of what platform you are looking at.


Would it be possible to make the sort default to top for this category? After taking a look at top I think it should be the default sort, this will also encourage users to make higher-quality resources.


I’ve literally seen people do

paragraph x

Then just spam spots like
I mean, if you’re making a tutorial at least keep it compiled into one.