Making events that happen in my game more dynamic and random

I’m making a game similar to Mirror but with more story-driven gameplay.

One aspect of the game I’m not too happy with at the moment is the ‘fear events’. When you stare into the mirror with the lights off, stuff start happening the longer you stare into it.

At the moment, the events I’ve got are hardcoded if statements for when the fear level reaches a certain level.
Ideally, I would like the events to be entirely random. There’s a mirrored version of the map as-well as a mirrored version of the player which follows the player’s movements so I would like to be able to randomly effects parts in the mirrored version and how ‘severe’ it changes them increases the higher the fear level is.

How would I go about starting to create a system like this?

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I would try using math.random() to coordinate the timing of said events, but supplement that with some conditionals.

for example:

while wait(math.random(50,100)) do
if playerislookingatstatue() == true and not playerisdead() then


while true do
if math.random(1,15) == 15 then
-- spook

what I see good horror games do a lot is really subtle sounds which are triggered by moving past a certain point. To make this behavior even more unpredictable you could make a certain chance of the spook not triggering.

if math.random(1,5) == 5 then -- walking past the point wont always trigger it, so they can't expect anything

using random numbers is the way to go, because unpredictable spooks are more creepy than very obvious/expectable spooks

in the mirror game, this is essentially what happens:

  • if player is looking at mirror, sequence starts
  • if player stops looking at mirror, sequence stops until looking is resumed
  • after (x) seconds, head starts to twitch
  • after (x) seconds, screen starts to shake
  • and so on

You could have a series on event that are possible after a specific threshold. From what I understand you are saying you do each one at a specific point once they hit a specific amount. Why not just add the available once to a random table?

Say you hit 100 seconds looking into the mirror, why not add a new event to a table of already available ones. Then, randomly pick the event from this table, you can decide how random you want this to be and if you want a pattern and etc…