Making GUI pop up for door when player is near the door

I am trying to make an SCP game and I made a surface GUI in each door and want it so that when the player is near a door is shows up. image

How can I do this since I’m doing to be using multiple doors around the whole map?

Example below:
Red is the “radius”

Would this work at all for you?

I think this is what he wants:

It’s basically a proximityprompt but I’m not using the default UI and have a surface GUI on the door. I want it to work similarly to a billboard UI where you got to be close to see it.

I’m also using a proximity prompt to open the door buts its set to custom so it doesnt show up.

The surface gui should disappear when you walk away.

could probably try using Region3 to make it appear/dissapear whenever you step out of the range

there’s multiple doors around the whole map. I also do not understand how to use Region3 even after reading the page about it.

I’ve heard about raycast and magnitude. Maybe you could use them.

Use magnitudes, they’re reliable and perfect for this.

If you want to run the same code for multiple instances, do a for loop:

local Folder = workspace.Doors
for _, door in pairs(Folder:GetChildren()) do
    -- Code
    door.SurfaceGui.Enabled = true -- Example

And, if you don’t understand Region3 after reading the roblox developer page, check this tutorial out: