[Making Models wearable] How to make a basic Model, that isnt a Mesh wearable as a hat

Thanks for helping me, my problem got solved


Weld all the parts to a main part using WeldConstraints, then just use accessories from there. There’s a step process in doing that. Here’s how it goes:

  • Create an accessory and put all the hat’s parts in it. No models, only parts.

  • Weld everything to a main part. Put an attachment in the hat that’ll match up with a similarly named one in the Humanoid. For your hats, you’ll want HatAttachment.

  • Done. Just add a clone of the accessory when someone steps on the panel.

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I just did it,
They work now.
Thank you :slight_smile:


I’ve been trying to make one of those hats that’s like an avatar on your shoulder (but not a shoulder accessory, more like you’re giving someone a piggy back on your shoulders). How do I do it then?

Same method, just change the name of the attachment. Look through the character model to find the attachment you want. In the case of shoulder accessories, the names of the attachments you want are in the upper arm pieces.

This is year old catgory but i couldent find anyhting anywhere else soo…
anyways my question is how would i position it?

Change the position of the attachment you’re adding to the accessory. The way accessories work is that they snap same-named attachments together both in position and in rotation, so when you move the attachment in the hat it essentially changes where the hat gets snapped.