Making right arm Overshoot camera's rotation


I’ve been trying to create a smooth flashlight mechanic for a project im working on, but i’ve run into a wall…
You see, i suck at math. like really bad.

So i wanted to ask if you guys could help me get a head start in creating a mechanic that would have the characters right arm (To which the flashlight is attached) slightly overshoot looking straight ahead when the player turns their camera.
so instead of just sticking straight forward like it’s doing in the current mechanic, it would be more smooth looking.

Currently it’s just an animation being applied, no math or CFrame corrections yet.

Here’s the current mechanic:

External Media

If you need more context or have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!
any help is greatly appreciated!

make so the pointlight source is the head of the player, if you want an effect on equip, you can tween it, you can also use raycast maybe