Making the player spawn in as a box of ramen. How would I go about doing so?

So I had a quick idea for a solo game because the duo dev I’m working with is having tech issues so I’m kinda bored.
I had an idea to make a game where the player is a box of ramen with limbs and is doing something cool like and Obby or something like that ( haven’t finished thinking yet)

So I’ve already got my ramen model

I’ll add limbs to it when I know it’s possible.
So what I want to do is basically figure out how to rig this box of ramen (with limbs) and add it to roblox to be used as a character.
So the player IS a box of ramen with limbs.
Is this possible?
How would I go about doing this?

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This is indeed possible! There are some good tutorials online about this topic, here are a couple:
The process of rigging a custom character
CUSTOM CHARACTERS - How to create, rig and animate - YouTube
Of course you would have to tweak the tutorials to create the ramen character, but they are definitely a good start!


Okayyy… That’s kinda strange, but I’ll move on to the answer!

First, as you know, you need to rig it. How to do that is provided by @Oonzii so I’ll add on to what they said since they’re 100% right.

Once you rig and animate it, just put it under startercharacter and you should be good to go!

So would I need to create my own walking animation and so on?

Yep! Like @xander5610 said, you would need to animate the custom rig and replace the default character animations like explained here. Then you would put the custom character in starter player and name it “StarterCharacter”. Can’t wait to see what you make… It will definitely be interesting!

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