Manage Group revenue in Creator Hub and split profit per experience [Beta]

Fantastic update!

Is it possible to make this system pay out on a recurring basis, such as the first of every month? I think the % revenue split pays out instantly, but it is nice to keep some funds in the group for one-time payments to contractors when needed.

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W Update! And W for supercool games having 5 millions funds

W update! thanks Roblox

nice one XD

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This is amazing, I’ve wanted something like this for years. So glad it’s finally a reality!

Per-item recurring splits would be insane :saluting_face:
Patiently waiting for group-owned groups and experience ownership transfer as well :pray: :pray:

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Cool to see stuff dev QOL stuff like this + asset security coming in.

Now that this amazing update has been released the only thing left is to make it so you can give certain people access to edit different games under one singular group!!! As of now the only way you can achieve this is to share the different games to different people.