Map Builders for Murder Mystery 2

Hey everyone, I’m looking for map builders for Murder Mystery 2:

Please familiarize yourself with the game and its maps before responding, it’s very difficult to work with someone who is making content for your game and has never played it.

Map Criteria:

  • Layout is appropriate for the gameplay of MM2
  • Relatively small overall
  • Mainly tight-ish spaces, but a few open rooms allowed
  • Maze-like layouts generally work better but are not required
  • Not too realistic, not to simple, textured nicely, go for a more cartoony look

The maps should be able to create intense CQC situations, while also having isolated areas that double as hiding places. Here is an example of a perfect map, specifically layout and building style:

I’d consider that map a large map, so try not to make anything bigger. Play MM2 if you want to see other examples of map sizes. Payment will be around $30-$100 USD depending on quality. I’m looking for as many map builders as possible. Also, the faster I get the map the better.

Please do not begin building a map before talking with me about layout and stuff. Any previously made maps for other games will most likely not work for MM2.


Is the window to the dark room supposed to be CanCollide = false?

According to the map creator, it is.

According to my character it is an open window. lol Neat example map though.

So, from what I’ve seen in the example map:

  • CSG is ok
  • particle effects are ok
  • dark areas are ok
  • dynamic lighting is ok

What I’ve seen in MM and example map:

  • doors do not open or close
  • no environmental sound effects
  • no triggered sound effects

Are the above points worth including, or not worth including?

Currently, no maps have any interactive elements but I am open to the idea of adding them in.

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