Need code? I can write what you need for a price

Hello all. While I usually find this board used for “I’m looking for”, I’ve got the inverse; if you’re looking for a scripter, I’m your guy.

Firstly, I want to address why you should go with me. I’m very experienced and very skilled; I’ve been programming for around 8 years, and I’ve made all sorts of things. Some recent enough things I’ve made:

  • A custom solution for StreamingEnabled of which you have precise control of what it streamed and to reduce load times
  • LoD systems to be able to support games with larger worlds than normally possible with standard ROBLOX development practices
  • Things that can be used to procedurally generate infinite terrain
  • Tools to replace ROBLOX’s tool system with a more powerful solution
  • Tools to reduce animation quality at higher distances to increase performance (sadly this only works with custom-rolled animations, but I could also hook up the default animation editor to export to this format)
  • And many other things that aren’t recent enough for me to talk about.

I’m very experienced with FilteringEnabled (all of the above things work with FE), DataStores, universes (and everything that they can be used for), and the ROBLOX API in general. I can make pretty much anything that can be made. In fact, some of the first things made with the features I specifically mentioned were made by me, and used as an example of how to do certain things to other developers, before they caught on.

Now, pseudo-resume aside, here’s how this is going to work:

  • Transactions are in USD, over paypal. I’m sorry if you can’t do this, but this is how this is going to work.
  • What I make are single, individual components for your game. A system so that you can run your minigames, a gun system that works with FE or whatever, a custom streaming solution to reduce load times without the issues of StreamingEnabled, things like that. I’m not coming on as “your scripter”, even if you want to have further deals on me (which is okay!).
  • Base prices are discussed immediately; these can go up or down once you see the final product, but we will agree on a ballpark before development begins.
  • Lastly, when it comes time to make the transaction, you will receive the code after I’m paid. This is simply a precaution. It’s in my best interest to give you the code after I’m paid; after all, you can single-handedly ruin my chances of ever getting a client here again.

Now, how do you go about getting my services if you want or need them? Well, you can post here with what you need and your price offer (in USD), and we’ll negotiate through PMs here or whatever, but it would be far easier for you to contact me over Skype. You can add me as a contact as “ben.zastawnik” (without the quotes), and we’ll talk there. I’ll try to respond to you as soon as possible once you add me a contact.

Thanks in advance to anyone who read this, and I hope we can have a beneficial relationship if you require my services.


Ummmmmm… [quote=“TheLuaWeaver, post:1, topic:22766”]
Transactions are in USD, over paypal.

Does that not break the TOS?

I was specifically given the go-ahead by a ROBLOX staff member before I posted this. Moreover, I’m not the first to offer or sell for USD. Morevoer, here’s an instance of ROBLOX staff encouraging selling assets for USD. If I’m in the wrong, so are all of these people, and the rules should be made more clear and enforced on here, which has not happened yet so they’ve been implicitly giving the go-ahead.

Edit: Whoops, linked the right thread but the wrong post on that last link. Fixed it.

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Alright. Just I’ve never posted something similar because the TOS makes it look like it’s not allowed. My bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think this is a terrible place to post this, sorry :frowning:
Try Reddit or Roblox forums.


Do you do deadlines?

Of course. It all depends on the content being developed, so we can discuss more once I know what I’ll need to work on.

They say that you can’t do it so they aren’t responsible.

It’s the right place to post, it’s in the Collaboration category.

He most likely means that a forum of devs probably isn’t filled with people in need of code commissions or has a lack of people willing to code for commission. A public place would though.

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I’m fairly confident that if you posted “i’m selling my services in exchange for USD” on the Roblox forums, you would get a ban for attempts of scamming and violating the ToS.


In the off chance that a future update happens to break the code(for whatever reason), what will you do?

Future support can (and should be) negotiated. There’s differing levels, after all. It may be a true “one-off”, or I may fix all bugs, or only critical bugs, or whatever. It’s to be negotiated and the price will change accordingly.

were I to commission you for some programming, could I specify that you have to knit it instead of weave it?


Only if it isn’t Lua.

I like what you’re proposing here, really it’s neat.
However, it seems like there would be a lot of people with the same exact experience level on here who would offer collaborative help for free due to their interest in the project.

So why would we choose you over them? I suppose I can see one thing; if you’re payed to do work you have a greater obligation to finish it. Usually collaborative projects fail because one link in the chain falls and the rest follow.

This just seems all-round sketchy.

No it doesn’t.

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With the decent amount of development teams having issues with payout agreements and one party being in more control with more value, yes. It does.