Map Optimization (too many parts)

For starters, my game is HUGE. It features 47.7k parts with 54k instances. (it used to be 75k before reduction). My game is not exactly laggy but still not optimized well. A gaming laptop will run the game without map at 500 fps and with the map 30 fps. I would like to make it with the map at least 120 fps. The problem is I can’t exactly delete any more parts without changing the quality. I also have STREAMING ENABLED with target at 512 studs. I am thinking of replacing all trees with a mesh however that may obstruct the r6 style I went for. Any way to optimize the map? I would like the optimization similar to deepwoken or other popular open world games. Below is a picture of the map.

edit: map all parts do not cast shadows and lighting is set to shadow map


There are several topics created by DevForum developers on optimizing games. Try reading the following and see if they help:


I had already read all of these before posting. thanks tho.

Hard to say, but if a relatively easy optimization I see would be to convert some models from parts to mesh models.

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The best thing to do is to just convert most of the parts into meshes with textures. Make enough meshes to bring the parts count to 20k or below.

reduce as much unnecessary details for the buildings and trees. try to union the parts together

Don’t union the parts it makes the part weird( you can check it in blender) and actually makes it more laggy

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