Mapped keyboard for chromebook

Now as android has come to chromebook, and I have bought one and tried roblox on it. Everything works, GUIs, chat, menu, exept the keyboard, Roblox thinks I am on a xbox so only the arrows works, but they makes so I move in opposite direction. I know this not was indeed to work on chromebook.

Could we get the keyboard mapped correctly on chromebook so arrows is like on a Windows?

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Roblox thinks you are on XBox? On Android?

I do think Roblox needs to expand keyboard support to mobile operating systems if they are available. It just might cause issues in the control and camera scripts.

Yeah I tried messing around with the ControlScript by meet a problem I could only adjust the arrows, they other buttons was missing like the jump button. But I was able to fix the issue with arrows that was reversed. Also Esc works.