Marketplace: Our Vision and Guiding Principles

Its just going to become the same issue as what happened to audio. they will receive a lawsuit and rather than removing the mentioned assets or fighting the lawsuit, they will give up entirely and private all UGC items.

In my opinion, ROBLOX should change ToS to make IP Theft a “Own Risk” type of matter, meaning that the complaint should be forwarded to the Offending user rather than ROBLOX as a company.

Still won’t fix all issues but would likely scare a good few into stopping their stealing of assets.

I hope they don’t private all UGC but would understand rebooting the market because of how cluttered it is because of the limited clones and IP stolen assets.
ROBLOX should have been more careful with UGC as a concept but they didn’t consider their own members to start stealing stuff.

PUBLIC UGC is gonna wreck the market and a Reboot where all UGC are privated/removed could be possible and im all for it if we get our value back in robux or smthn like that as compensation.

Though they likely won’t do that, instead just let the market die by itself.

UGC would be better off as just allowing ID VERI users to upload Normal items and only a handful who APPLIED and got ACCEPTED be allowed to make limiteds and more than 1 item a day, this was the whole system is a tad easier to moderate.

The whole bot system they use either doesnt flag enough or false flags so many items its a joke.
You’re a company worth millions if not billions, hire some extra people to moderate items and just make it a Queue system if it means preserving the integrity of the catalog.

IP Theft in general should be moderated more heavily, the way its handled currently can easily get them sued.

Theres hundreds of games using ASSETS from companies like Disney, Marvel, DC, etc and no one is batting an eye over it which frankly will get them hit eventually.

Content/IP theft ain’t a joke so why are there tons of games using assets they don’t own?
because its easy, thats why.

It’s easy money that blinds idiot developers who can’t think ahead and be creative, making these assets took those companies money and time which they wouldnt want some random on ROBLOX to use for free with 0 blowback, I hope these people who abuse stolen IP get sued to teach them a lesson and set an example.

If ROBLOX doesn’t wanna change TOS to disallow it then the companies who OWN those assets will take action themselves.

This is not an ATTACK but rather a Warning.