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The future of Roblox groups and development by Group Finders.

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What is it?

Marketplace is a place to find Roblox developers, advertise groups & services, and more! It is 100% free to use and anybody can sign up!


There are many reasons why we made Marketplace. Here is a list of some of them.

  • Not everyone has access to the devforum.
  • Discord-based ad servers don’t support markup.
  • Roblox does not allow social links in-game.
  • We feel the need for a responsive & user-friendly site.

What does it have?

Our amazing Marketplace developer makes sure that Marketplace is feature-rich, fast, and easy to use! We aim to push quality updates to the site every week. The site already has:

  • Group URLs
  • Discord URLs
  • Markdown support
  • Image support
  • Discord link
  • Profile system
  • Attentive support team


  • Marketplace uses a Discord and Roblox-Based login system (username only, no email :D)
  • Marketplace has not launched out of beta yet.
  • Marketplace is connected to a larger website for my game, Group Finding Center, but it’s designed to work independently.


Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via live chat on our website or here on the devforum.


Great idea, but for some reason I can’t join the discord.

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The website looks nice. Very clean. Just a question, how are you going to make sure that these ads are seen by tons and tons of people? As of now, there are more users on dev forum than this site, so how will I know that my ad will be seen?

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I love the idea, but what’s the point? There are more people on the DevForum, and more people have access to it(and are able to find it). There are only a few people on your game, but thousands of active people on the DevForum.
Also, why shouldn’t I just use GRP? It has more members and players + it has the same concept, and was also made before your game.
You should probably fix this as well:

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There’s actually a reason for this, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) prevents 12 yr/o and younger from using social media. It’s for child safety ofc. That is why roblox does not allow social links in game. That being said, how are you going to spread your link if roblox doesn’t allow you to share social links in game? :joy:

I really love the idea, but usually these sites don’t work since there are already more established alternatives (eg: DevForum, Discord). Even though they have their caveats, they are still approved by roblox.


Great website.

Jokes aside, it looks great on PC but it does not properly support mobile platforms. Additionally, how do you plan on dealing with COPPA and GDPR?

What I meant by this was roblox does not allow custom social links.

And what I meant by not everybody can access the devforum is that not everybody is actually member on the devforum.

You also have to be 13 years of age to use the service.

You are required to be 13+ to use disxord (sign up is discord-based). Live chat is being removed for users not logged in

I really gotta fix that bug.

Oopsies, forgot to fix that one!

When the ad is posted it is sent to a discord server with 650+ members. The ad page itself shows 20+ ads per page.

See the game’s description for info about that.

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I guess I’m confused, but why should someone use this over the dev forum? Or over discord?

It seems like you’d get more professional people on a more mature platform that doesn’t just let anyone in, like the dev forum. Is there some invite system to only allow quality developers?

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I’ll be staying tuned to see how the user base grows, but as someone who uses similar services such as GRP as a group recruiter, I wouldn’t imagine myself getting much mileage out of such a site until there is a solid base of users looking for groups to work with. Also, with the Roblox Marketplace idea releasing shortly, how do you plan to set this service above that for developers? Regardless, good luck with this and the site looks super clean!

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The website needs scalling support for mobile Screenshot_20210521-134055

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I hate it when services have signin as Discord only, cannot give any feedback because of this but GRP is a great way to advertise sometimes.


Yup, we are fixing this in our next update :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback, I used to play your game every day and our game was inspired by GRP.

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Not everybody is member on the devforum to make posts, and not everybody has the time to spend to try to get member on it.

We are planning on adding a 2nd way of logging in with roblox very soon :slight_smile:

Man. I cant use the website. I have no discord and cant use it due to family rules