Massive lag when selecting first part in a server

The issue
For atleast a month now there has been a massive lag when you start a 1+ player server in studio and then go to your server and press Alt + LMB to select a part.

The whole studio freezes for up to 30 seconds sometimes!
Happens everytime you select your first object in a new server window.
Doesn’t have to be a part either. Trying to select the camera does the same thing.

Attempted solution
I thought this was a memory issue, so I upgraded my PC and now I got 32 GB ram.
Studio takes 6GB ram for the studio window, another 6GB for the server but then only 600MB for the client. Eitherway I now have 12GB extra ram left that’s not being used, so clearly this isn’t a memory issue.

This lag hasn’t always been the case. Only started happening in the last month or so.

Microprofile dump: microprofile-20200403-173631.html (7.2 MB)
Clicked on the camera at Frame 225, the lag that lasted for several seconds.


Do you have anything running in the background?

Yea, discord, skype, youtube etc. As you can see I still have a ton of ram to spare if roblox would need it.

Does this still happen if you close the explorer widget (press the X button)? Can you get a microprofiler dump following the instructions in the bug report requirements after triggering this?

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Good idea, I attached a micro profile dump.
And yes, it lags even if the explorer window is closed.

Thanks! Can you verify this happens with all installed plugins disabled?

If it still happens, can you provide manually generated dumps (non-microprofiler) as described in How to post a Bug Report?

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It was one of the installed plugins that caused the lag :confused:

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Do you know which installed plugin was causing the lag?

Was an old version of this:

Not sure if the updated version still has same issue, I just disabled it.

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