Material Converter Update Logs


the Surface Appearance will be converted when a MeshPart has been selected, so you don’t have to select a SurfaceAppearance which makes it longer, and now you can select SurfaceAppearances or MeshParts

:warning: YOU MIGHT GET THIS ERROR Failed to upload TexturePack. PBR textures may not be visible in game. Change a TextureId property to retry. (429) :warning:

but don’t worry, you must be patient for all of the materials to fully load


You can now convert Decals and Textures to MeshParts (as requested by @Dede_4242) and added an Undo button (as requested by @ROWNIE)

Here’s how to update your plugin

  1. Go to any place to edit

  2. Press the “PLUGINS” tab


  1. Press the “Manage Plugins” tab


  1. You should have this in the “Pending Updates” section

  1. Press “Update” and you’re up to date using the plugin!


Undo button has been removed and replaced with Reverse, Now converts a MaterialVariant to a SurfaceAppearance instead of undoing any action which has a waypoint set by ChangeHistoryService

Feature Suggested by @ROWNIE

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