Material Converter Plugin

Material Converter


Are you planning to convert all SurfaceAppearances to MaterialVariants but have hundreds of them? Don’t worry, because this plugin has got you!


How to use

  1. Select a SurfaceAppearances under a MeshPart
  2. Press the plugins tab if it isn’t open
  3. Press the Convert button


  • This can work when selecting multiple SurfaceAppearances, which makes it better
  • The SurfaceAppearance will be destroyed 0.1 seconds after the SurfaceAppearance has been converted, which is quick enough!
  • The MeshPart’s Material is being the MaterialVariant.BaseMaterial so you don’t have to apply the materials manually!
  • It generates a random name so you don’t get confused on which one!
  • You can undo the action if you accidently converted the SurfaceAppearance!
  • It automatically applies the material you converted the SurfaceAppearance to the MeshPart
  • It is advised to only use it when you found a PBR material pattern when using a SurfaceAppearance
  • for update logs, <ins> is when something is added, while for <del> that’s when something gets removed
  • This is now paid because the UAE (the country I am from) restricts robux from being bought there

Update Logs

All the Update Logs are moved to this topic here:


Need video because I am too lazy to check the details.

If its what i think it is… I will use it for sure!


I have the video but due to discourse’s limitations, I can’t sadly :frowning:

also What do you think it is?

UPDATE: Added an video :slight_smile:


Will there ever be one to convert images to materials? Good job!

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Could you add a reverse effect? Where Materials turn into SurfaceAppearance

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I will, but not all images are PBR, which is the problem, and please list me the image instances!

I already added it using ChangeHistoryService, Try Ctrl + Z and it should work!, but I will add it anyways :slight_smile:

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Please don’t discontinue this.

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oh, I said that because I was on my iPad and my laptop crashed at that time, but I won’t :slight_smile:

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Oh okay, that’s a big relief :smile:

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Sorry for the confusion I meant changing materials to surface appearance I see why that got mixed up with an undo. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice plugin! Thanks for that!


I saw that you quitted Roblox and DevForum. Sad to hear that. I’ll always remember you :slight_smile:

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Haven’t seen this for like half a year, so I may or may not push an update to this

also this isn’t an april fools joke despite being the date published

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Oof, have gave a bajillion copies, Maybe millions of people find this useful? who knows?

The plugin is no longer free mainly because my country prevents me from buying robux

Apologies if I released it without notice/warning, also congratulations to everyone who got the plugin for free!

This is specially usefull for grabbing those annoying PBR materials uploaded to the toolbox before the materials update, Seriously I never use the toolbox to get textures because most of the time you get surface appearances on meshparts instead of material variants.

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