Material Plugin - apply material like in the past

:happy3: hello developers

as you know roblox did a material update, and that was very good but with it they removed the old material apply interface, which was very good. and I personally find the new one very difficult to understand and use. that’s why i remade the old materials interface

this plugin also supports new materials and custom materials (updates when you enter in the place)

I intend to keep updating the plugin (even though I don’t have much to add)

Old Ui:

Plugin Ui:

And also, I would like your feedback on the plugin, something that needs to be improved/added/removed

thanks for reading


I feel like this plugin in itself explains why they removed the old dropdown. In the screenshot you provided, the dropdown is extending past your studio window. The more custom materials you add, you probably wont even be able to select them


Hello there! We love when the community builds plugins to improve workflows and fill in some of the gaps in what we’re working on!

Whether, or not you want to implement these suggestions is completely up to you, but here are some ideas I had looking at this and playing around with it for a bit:

  1. To make the list shorter, it might be good to add a way to select “Favorite” materials to populate the menu with instead of showing every material. That way, people can pick and choose their quick access materials.
  2. There seem to be some missing icons for previously terrain-only materials, you may want to try using the color texture asset ids that we list on our materials page.
  3. Not sure how you grab the material variants here, but if you have access to the instance, you can grab it’s color texture as well. This may be more descriptive than the variant icon.

Cheers, and thank you for being an active part of this community!


I find the new material selector more annoying because I have to scroll a bunch to find the material I want. While in the old one I could just click the materials and clearly see what one I want.


really, lol. I already planned a change to not make the list so big. but thanks for the feedback

isnt there a search option inside the manager?

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you could just search for “materialservice”, after selecting it there will be an option called “Use2022materials”, disable it to get the old materials back

You missed the entire point lol

This plugin exists to get the old material dropdown back instead of using the material manager

Version 1.2
I’m releasing this update to make some improvements, if you have an idea feel free to share it

from now on we have new categories so you don’t have to scroll until the end to find your favorite material



I ended up forgetting to put it but now the plugin supports the “Pavement” and “Asphalt” materials, they can be found in the “Concrete” category

New Icons
now all material icons have been “remade” and now the custom material icon is the texture of the material itself

Bug Fix
now materials that are inside a folder in MaterialService are now identified by the plugin

:happy3: thank you very much for the feedback


Very epic but maybe could you update stone as it looks like just glowing red part

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I’m not sure but that just makes selecting the material even slower because then I’d have to type it instead of scrolling. So what this plugin does makes it easier to select the material I want.

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