MaterialFlip Plugin

I made yet another useful plugin. I’ve seen a couple of people doing this manually, so I thought I should make a plugin to automate it. Enter, MaterialFlip. Most easily described by a video:

TL;DW: It keeps a part and all of it’s surface-types physically “in the same place” while resizing / rotating it to cycle the material pattern of the part material through the available “orientations”.

Open source at: GitHub - stravant/roblox-materialflip: Repo of the MaterialFlip Roblox Studio Plugin


I usually keep in mind the orientation of the material before placing the part, but still pretty cool.


Edit: [strike]seriously though is there a link yet?[/strike] cool :X :X :X

This gives much more efficient workflow though. It’s much easier to go in after the fact and fix up all of the orientations with a couple minutes of clicks than watching out for the rotations the whole time while you’re building something.

It also lets you get the actual correct orientation on everything if you don’t get it right the first time. I’ve seen quite a few models / places where people had the obviously wrong orientation on some of their materials, but had not changed them because there was no good tool to do so, so it would not have been worth the effort for them to fix. And now that tool does exist, so they can easily fix those things.

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Looks like I accidentally the link. The post now includes a link to the plugin. You can also find a bunch of random plugins on under my profile including this one if you look there.

You’ve got some nifty plugins.


Might want to convert parts to Custom before rotating and resizing them though
Or at least error

Oh yeah, I forgot that the case where the part isn’t already a FormFactor = Brick.

Updated it with a fix.

This is incredibly useful actually - many thanks!

I find that, more often than this need, I have the need to reorient the part, to change which face is the TopSurface, ect, which is pretty much what you’ve already got, just framed differently. That would be cool to feature with this plugin as well.

Updated the plugin to use a Highlight Instance for highlighting the selection rather than a SelectionBox, also respects the user’s Selection Box Color as set in the Studio Settings now.

Also updated to use the new combining toolbar infrastructure so that errors are no longer thrown when enabling / disabling plugins in the GeomTools toolbar.

No lie stravant you have actually saved me years on time on studio. Thank you!!! :sunglasses: :+1:

A recent update introduced Hightlight objects to select parts you hover, the thing with it though is that it is persistent, after turning it off they stay there, same with relogging, ending up with the entire place covered in the highlight, any plans for a fix?

This is actually a Studio bug with Highlights being temporarily broken, not a bug with the plugin, it’ll be fixed soon: Highlights reparented from one instance to another appear on both instances - #7 by tnavarts

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Updated to fix behavior with new part shapes.

Code is also now open source at: GitHub - stravant/roblox-materialflip: Repo of the MaterialFlip Roblox Studio Plugin