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About me :wave:

Hello, I’m an Italian Roblox User. I ‘d like to translate games from English into Italian. I’ve been on Roblox since February 2018.
In Italy, this game was not very famous, but there are some “Italian YouTubers” that are playing this game, so some Italian kids want to play Roblox.

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a problem! Italian Users that are young don’t know enough English to make games for them funny. The thing I hate is that some Italians change their location to a fake one, like America or UK. I love my country and my language so much, but when I see these things a tear falls on my face.

I want to change Roblox in a better one for all of us.

Anyways, to be a translator is one of my dreams and maybe Roblox can realize that.

NOTE : I am a serious person who does not intend to sell off his work for little or nothing. I don’t have any English certifications (B1, B2 or C1).

Showcase :hammer_and_pick:

I will add all my works done here in this post.

DevForum posts translated
  1. [Italian Translation] Updated process for achieving “Member” on the DevForum - Aggiornamento dei sistemi per diventare un "Membro" nel DevForum
  2. [Italian Translation] Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum - Regole Ufficiali del Roblox Developer Forum
  3. [Italian Translation] How to rank up on the Roblox Developer Forum - Come essere promossi nel Roblox Developer Forum
  4. [Italian Translation] Cloud Localization Support Extended to 45 Languages - Cloud Localization Support Esteso a 45 Lingue
Roblox Site - Translation
  1. [Italian Translation] Translation of Roblox Site - Traduzione del Sito di Roblox
Roblox Studio Tutorials Translation (Work In Progress)

[Italian Translation] Roblox Studio Tutorials in Italian | Tutorial Roblox Studio in Italiano

Availability :alarm_clock:

Note: this is my maximum that I can dedicate to work each day. It can change and depends (school, holidays, etc.).

MAX time


  • From Monday to Friday -> 2 / 4 hours.

  • Weekends -> 2 / 5 hours.


  • From Monday to Friday -> 1 / 3 hour(s) - (it depends on school)

  • Weekends -> 1 / 2 hour(s) - (it depends on school)

Payment :moneybag: and Services :briefcase:

Only PayPal (at the moment I can accept only this payment method, for more informations contact me via e-mail).
Also, I’d like to receive a recognition in group and game translated.
(for example “Translator” or “Contributor” rank in group)

Localization Services:

Price per word - only documents -

5 robux – 1 word translated
or (PayPal) 0,04€ - 1 word translated

Price per string - only via Translator Portal - (NEW)

100 robux - 1 string translated
or (PayPal) 0,50€ - 1 string translated

Name and Description

Game name and description translation = 100 / 200 robux (or PayPal 1,00€)

Note: Prices can be changed with discounts.

Other Services:

Consultation on Italian Translations (NEW)

If you have already translated your game with an automatic translator or by an Italian translator, I can check how words were translated and grammar.
Price 5 robux per word translated.

What I can translate :books:

  • Game

  • Document

  • Website

  • Group / Game Rules

How I will translate your game :memo:

I can accept:

  • translations via Translator Portal (NEW)

  • file word

  • file Excel / Google Sheets
    (I prefer translations via Translator Portal and file word, but I can take file excel / google sheets anyways)

NOTE: I won’t use automatic translators because they are not correct at all.

:balance_scale: Legal Note :shield:
When you hire me, you automatically authorize me to publish on my portfolio what I have translated , as a proof of my work.

Contact :incoming_envelope:

Send me a mail

Thanks for the attention,



I am not Italian but it’s amazing to see people dedicated to helping the international community integrate into Roblox. I think this is what will push the future of Roblox in the long run.


Not trying to be mean but the payment in advance is not commonly seen in the community, also you have never translated any actual roblox games before , those devs may have the same concerns as you did, maybe you will get the payment and leave, which is why I advise to remove the advance payment so there may have more devs be having interest in your service, thanks.