[ Open ] English to Spanish Translation

About Me

Hello, I am ALANWAL44, also known as NicolasDev. I typically build, but I am doing translation services for the time being.


You can view my assets here: Not murder madness only. Maps - Roblox

past games

1- farm tycoon [Alpha]
2- Arcane arena
4 more games in progress


For this type of work I am available all week. If I don’t I answer instantly, it’s because: I’m sleeping, I’m in school, or I’m in church.


I usually charge .5 Robux per word, however it may be negotiated depending on difficulty.
I translate from,
Spanish → English
English → Spanish


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via DISCOR= Nicolas DEV#4794

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


It’s almost going to be my birthday, there will be a unique offer !!!, 4 robux per word!

Would you mind to show us some information about your past experience with translating, the best would be Roblox games. It is because with those references, your service will be more… convincing to be legit. Thanks.

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Sir, at the moment I have only worked in two games, the two games have not yet come out (one comes out I think this week and the other in a month)

Well still, you cam show us the name. If someone is interested in your service, they will go check for themselves.


Forgive me but I am not authorized to give that information, I will talk to the owners to give them the name

one of the games is called "Farm tycoon [ALPHA]

are you interested in hiring me ??

I only have one more space left, there will be a unique promotion

Hello all the buddies that are here! Please stop and read this…

@ALANWAL44 is a good builder even if it’s not experienced he already made good assets for some games I already been woring with! He is fast and the building quality is really good, I truly recommend this guy for building or translation on Spanish since he’s Mexican!

  • He’s a good friend
  • He’s fast and with a good quality
  • His prices are really low and accesible!

What are you waiting for to contact him?!

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Because there are no examples posted?

Sir that is not necessary, you can simply ask the creators of these games, they will give you good references from me

I can say you totally that he has good building abilities. Without any doubt, but I prefer realism.

update my portfolio, now you can see my work

Being too lazy to properly reference your previous work and prove yourself as a capable translator trough images, citations and whatnot is the reason why near no one is willing to hire you.

The truth is that people, in general, are too lazy to ask around if you indeed did localize the games you mentioned under " past games " You should go out of your way to include all of the necessary information in your post. Not vice-versa where you expect people to ask around for thou.

Another thing why people will not hire you is your spelling & grammar, in short, it’s pretty damn bad. From missing capitalizations, wrong use of commas to weird structuring of sentences. I and everybody else expect to find a beautiful well-composed thread whenever opening a Translation Portfolio. Not a hideous structured, wrong use of grammar & spelling cesspit you call a worthy Portfolio.

Also if you get your bud to comment on your post, make sure he actually knows what to enrich. I couldn’t care less about your building skills, everybody here on this post is here for localizing only.

I don’t know how much hours you sleep or spend at school but if it is similar to mine, it’s at least 16 hours. what I am trying to say here is that you should clearly mention when you are available to work and when not. Both during weekdays and weekends. Also, remove the reasons why you are not available, no one cares about your past time religious endeavours.

So after reading all of this, you may come to think about the good idea of rewriting your entire post. If you do, I really suggest to base off your new Portfolio off a preexisting one. There are great ones out there like;

Finally, I recommend using this Chrome extension to mask your spelling & grammatical inability.


Very nice guy! I recommend him.

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