DevForum posts translated in Italian

Here below you can see all DevForum posts translated in Italian by me.

DevForum posts translated
  1. [Italian Translation] Updated process for achieving “Member” on the DevForum - Aggiornamento dei sistemi per diventare un “Membro” nel DevForum

  2. [Italian Translation] Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum - Regole Ufficiali del Roblox Developer Forum

  3. [Italian Translation] How to rank up on the Roblox Developer Forum - Come essere promossi nel Roblox Developer Forum

  4. [Italian Translation] Cloud Localization Support Extended to 45 Languages - Cloud Localization Support Esteso a 45 Lingue

  5. [Italian Translation] 2FA via Authenticator: Now Fully Rolled Out! - Autenticazione a Due Fattori (2FA) attraverso l’App di Autenticazione - Bulletin Board - DevForum | Roblox

  6. [Italian Translation] Come usare la versione beta dell’app Roblox (Windows & Mac)

  7. [Italian Translation] Securing your Account - Mantieni al Sicuro il tuo Account

Other translations:

Roblox Site - Translation
  1. [Italian Translation] Translation of Roblox Site - Traduzione del Sito di Roblox
Roblox Studio Tutorials Translation (Work In Progress)
  1. [Italian Translation] Roblox Studio Tutorials in Italian | Tutorial Roblox Studio in Italiano

IMPORTANT NOTE: Translated posts over time are NOT updated, if there are any changes.

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