Maya - PBR Support for the Unified Smart Mesh Importer not working

We want to successfully use the PBR Support for the Unified Smart Mesh Importer from Maya.

Following this guide, we could not achieved the result: PBR Guide DevForum

We are having troubles exporting meshes with material attached from Maya:

  • Using the ai standard surface and the standard surface one should be able to export the object as an fbx and ehrn importing it into Roblox it should automatically create a sufferance appearance with the textures connected in the 4 channels of the maya material

  • Using instead the blin or phong material in maya and export as fbx Roblox reads and import the texture too, but it doesn’t create a surface appearance

We tried multiple times with different options but when importing the mesh in Roblox it doesn’t read the textures too. Can anyone help please?

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