Mbramblet: Builder and scripter for hire

Hello, I’m Mbramblet; an experienced Roblox developer looking to make a living on the platform!

About Me

I’m a fully capable Roblox developer with over seven years’ experience.
Proficient in scripting, building, lighting, particles /FX, UI, level /map design, terrain, and more!

Able to create detailed high-quality builds, ensuring maximum performance without sacrificing visual quality.
My preferred building style is what I like to call “Dark and detailed”, however I am able to adapt to almost any style.

Able to wright clean efficient code and modify existing code, use advanced services such as DataStore and Pathfinding, as well as create and use module scripts and RemoteEvents.

I’ve released projects of my own and helped or led many more.


Here’s some of the different things I’ve created:
(All images are unedited screenshots, directly from Roblox)

Newer Work

These projects are newer and show off more of what I can do!

Screenshots from my game "TomatoSauce":

Screenshots from my game "Ground-Zero":

Remake of the first room from my first game "Venture-2":

A Roblox remake of Black Mesa's "Tau Cannon" weapon.

Results of a script that mass-generates props:

Results of a script that automatically cell-shades all BaseParts in any game:

A level from my game "CrossTheLine" recreated in LEGO: (In Roblox of course)

An unreleased FNAF styled game:

A Half-Life 2 inspired city build, "City 15": (WIP)

A remake of Roblox's classic "RavenRock" map:

Some work I've done as the lead builder at Kypher Studios:

Misc projects and art:

Older Work

These projects are old and many lack detail!

Test scene created when terrain grass was first released:

Half-Life 2 characters created with LEGO: (In Roblox of course)

Both are fully animatable and have customizable facial expressions

Portal 2 "Test Chamber" with fully functional scripted test objects:

Very old recreation of the discontinued game "LEGO Universe":

Showcase of functioning Portal objects I've coded:

Portal 2 elevator room, functions as it does in Portal 2:

Loads and unloads levels as you ride it.

Showcase of custom HQ shadows:

I was creating these before ShadowMap, or even Voxel lighting existed.

Scripting Examples

I apologize for the video quality, Roblox’s in-studio recorder is awful.

This is an advanced inventory / backpack system I created.
It can store a dynamic number of items which can be equipped, moved around within the inventory and deleted.
All items can have many unique values, like damage, player “level” needed to use, value if sold, type of damage, any special attributes or powers and more.

Also shown off here is a dynamic Zelda-like lock on system which can lock on to any NPC or player and come equipped with auto focus FOV and UI effects.
Advanced inventory, item and lock-on systems - ROBLOX - YouTube

Here is a system I wrote to detect the amount of light your character is standing in.
It accurately detects shadow casting obstacles, PointLight cones, edge falloff and sunlight!
The number in the center is your current “Light Level”.
"Light Level" system - Roblox - YouTube

This is 200 NPCs using an extremely lightweight AI I created. (Lag is from due to video quality)
There is only one part and a Humanoid present on the Server, all model visuals and animations are completely client-side through CollectionService tags.
200 lightweight NPCs attack - ROBLOX - YouTube

I may also not be bad at taking screenshots, you be the judge.

Published games:

Games I have fully developed myself

A slightly silly yet spooky horror game: TomatoSauce: Origin-ism

A fast-paced parkour puzzle game: “CrossTheLine”

A singleplayer FPS campaign demo: “Ground-Zero”

A sci-fi singleplayer horror FPS: “Venture-2”

A showcase of builds I’m potentially selling: " World Showcase"

Games I have major development rolls in:

Fredbear’s Mega Roleplay
(Lead-Builder, Co-Scripter)

Burgers and Fries Roleplay: The Factory

TEAR: Reversus fortior
(Coded many of its features and gameplay, UI)

Uh “very spooky game”
(Co-Developer, Lead-Scripter, Co-Builder)

Terror Show
(Co-Developer, Lead-Scripter, Co-Builder)

Although I don’t publish a lot of what I create, I’m constantly returning to old projects and building or rebuilding them using the skills and abilities God continues to bless me with.
I’m also always ready to use those skills and abilities to help others.


I’m available Monday - Saturday with the exception of Wednesday evenings.
I will always do my best to be there when you need me and ensure work is completed quickly and on time.


I accept Robux, group funds and USD (Paypal).

Prices and payment methods are negotiable.
I’m open to discussing and deciding on payment details per-project, during our initial conversations.

I may request a percentage of agreed payment upfront, due to problems with dishonesty I’ve experienced in the past.


Email: mbramblet@outlook.com.
Discord: ᴍbramblet#3846 (Primary Method)
Roblox Talent Hub: Mbramblet

I don’t accept Roblox friend requests, but you may attempt to message me on the site

Please include as many details as possible in your initial job description!
e.g: Your project details, proposed payment, reqested services. (Building, lighting, scripting, etc.)

Thanks for reading!


Are you willing to sell the cel-shading program you wrote?

Thank me later.

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