Medieval Warfare: Reforged // Update Log v3.6.0

Medieval Warfare: Reforged
Update Version 3.6.0
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Global Leaderboards
After many months, Global Leaderboards are finally returning! The leaderboards are still continuously being populated as player join the game. Please do let me know if you see any major issues related to Global Leaderboards.


New Lighting Engine
The lighting engine has been upgraded to the newest version, shadow map lighting. With this, I have completely changed how the night/day cycle function in order to optimize the game’s performance. Night and day transitions should be very smooth now.

Mesh Optimizations
Many of the assets in the world have begun to use Roblox’s new level-of-detail system. This should hopefully improve FPS performance across the board.

Bug Fixes / Minor Changes

  • Gold sacks now give +250 gold, up from +125
  • Common world chests now cost 250 gold, up from 125
  • Overseer ground terrain has been changed
  • Many in-game particles have been optimized
  • Reduced mining and tree cutting sound effect distances
  • Display armors in Korblox and Overseer are now anchored
  • Removed the /me chat command
  • Multiple security patches

What’s Next?

v3.7.0 Plans

  • Inventory interface upgrades
  • New loading screen
  • New team-select screen
  • Gold economy balancing
  • More performance optimizations
  • Various known bug fixes

If you want to join the discussion and help shape updates, I recommend joining our community Discord. If you’re 13+, you can find a link to it on the Medieval Warfare: Reforged game page.

“I understand that this is not a massive update, but my goal lately is to push things incrementally every 1-2 weeks as opposed to holding everything for one update every 1-2 months. This way, the game can receive updates at a more reasonable pace.” – Cody_Nelson


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