Mega-Thread for Location Errors

When you go to Settings > Account Settings on the Roblox website, you have the option to change your location. Call me a pedant, but think of this like the “Typos & Minor Edits Mega-thread” but for every error in this location selector.


Antarctica is a continent with no permanent population. It is only inhabited seasonally by scientists, at a few outposts, and I doubt that Roblox should have a location option just for that continent. This one’s a bit on the nose, so make what you will of it.

EDIT: Changed my mind, it should be kept. Scientists may want to play Roblox during lunch breaks.

Screenshot 2020-08-01 at 12.39.42 PM

Bouvet Island

It is not only the most remote island in the world, but it also uninhabited. Scroll down and see the choice to pick an uninhabited island halfway between South Africa and Antarctica.

The popular sort is also completely gone:

It looks like this:

Dedicated Bug Report. (Now seemingly redundant due to this topic.)


Brunei is called Brunei Darussalam, which is Malay for Brunei. No other country is called by it’s moniker in Malay. All are named the English Variations.



It’s still called Swaziland, according to Roblox, despite them changing their name in 2018, 2 years ago.

Either eSwatini or Eswatini is acceptable. Eswatini being the preferred English term.

Swaziland in the “s” section:

eSwatini not in the “e” section:

Dedicated Bug Report. (Now seemingly redundant due to this topic.)


South Korea should have it’s own location, South Korea. Korea is either referring to South Korea or Korea as a whole, both of which are incorrect for their own reasons.


South Korea (Non-existent):


It’s widely recognized as a country. This is a maybe, I’d consider adding it. It has membership in a few UN agencies.


See North Macedonia.

North Korea

There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to select North Korea if you can’t even use Roblox in North Korea. Why would you want to set it as your country, even as a escapee?

North Macedonia

North Macedonia was renamed from Macedonia in 2019, a year ago.

Macedonia in the list:

Lack of North Macedonia in the list:

South Korea

See Korea.


See eSwatini.

Repro for all: Go to Settings > Account Settings and then scroll down to Location.

Feel free to add on to this list. Thank you.

EDIT: Changed my mind again, North Korea shouldn’t be a choose-able country.

Footnote: This is not a joke


My only question is why North Korea is a location error?


I’m just at an all out stand point of amusement for this thread you have here. I don’t see much of a reason why you’re acknowledging this now after this has been the case for the longest time and there’s not much reason to dig through it anymore considering it isn’t going to be changed. I’m assuming when creating this feature, they just included all of them to not miss anything instead of taking the long route and doing all of them 1 by 1. It’s not really a big deal and it’s not something that I feel should even be acknowledged this much because most people aren’t even going to fiddle with their account location.


Love that you spent all the time to collect all this info, im sure roblox staff will find that really helpful when deciding what to do about this stuff


Maybe we could have the UK split then. Maybe I just want to know what’s popular in Wales and don’t care what they’re playing in England.

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I guess it’s just because it’s impossible for any Roblox player to be in North Korea, so all that having it there could do is collect invalid information about someone’s location. But I’ve had it set to that for like years now and it doesn’t change anything.

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Don’t assume that it’s impossible… As much as NK’s a closed country, there is a chance that there are children of fugitives that might be creating a small population of them on Roblox.

Location matters a lot. I got my location set to Bouvet Island (an inhabited island) and the popular sort is empty



Except replace NK with UAE


I know a few people who also use VPNs to bypass the ban (please don’t do it, it’s illegal and can get you or your family in trouble).

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Look I’m not one to judge but if you’re bypassing a national ban like North Korea or the United Arab Emirates have, you should probably not have them set as your location. Seems like a bad idea.


My honest opinion in this is, who cares. As you can choose your country and it’s not automatically detected that tends to point out it doesn’t determine anything massively important as you could easily lie. I’m sure Roblox has just avoided some political controversy by just adding every single country in the world and acknowledged every single one equally. Why? Well removing a certain one will just be controversial. This doesn’t really matter and I’m sure it’s not an actual cause for concern


If this happens I want all 50 states to be separate locations. Finally I can filter out those darned yankees (this is a joke).

Seriously though, it would be cool to see what people in your local community are playing. I might even make projects targeted specifically to my community. Imagine making local streets and stuff in Roblox, and actually having people from your area play it!


Just from the point of view that there’s 4 countries that make up the UK. It would be cool to have some sort of region/county selector though (e.g. South West, Scotland, Wales, Midlands, etc.), so we can see what’s popular locally as well as nationally. Same would go for the US with State options.


I feel like this should be a feature request of itself as it will take Roblox a lot of time to implement, imagine investigating all the communities of the world and how they divide. here in Israel we don’t even know where our country ends in some places.

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The United Arab Emirates and North Korea location options should not be removed. This is because there may be government workers who can bypass the Internet censorship in their respective countries at government agency buildings, and also because people may be staying at hotels where they have access to more of the Internet. For example, I have heard that in North Korea, tourists staying at hotels can access some sites, which may include Roblox.

Thus, just in case there are people permanently living in hotels, or in case Roblox ever gets unbanned in those countries, the location options should remain.

Also, Antarctica isn’t totally uninhabited, so the Antarctica location option should not be removed either. According to

The largest station, McMurdo Station, has a summer population of about 1,000 people and a winter population of about 200. Approximately 12 nations, all signatory to the Antarctic Treaty, send personnel to perform seasonal (summer) or year-round research on the continent and in its surrounding oceans.

The population of people doing and supporting scientific research on the continent and its nearby islands south of 60 degrees south latitude (the region covered by the Antarctic Treaty) varies from approximately 4,000 in summer to 1,000 in winter; in addition, approximately 1,000 personnel including ship’s crew and scientists doing onboard research are present in the waters of the treaty region.


Yeah man. I had North Korea as my location for a very long time. I think they just copy and pasted a list of locations.

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Timor-Leste is not spelled Timor-leste. (L is capitalized.)



Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


Åland Islands is not spelled Aland Islands. (Does not use A, instead using Å.)


@MisterGreenTurtle Thank you for the staff response! Love to know that I’m being heard and that this issue is finally being dealt with. :smiley:


Svalbard and Jan Mayen


Svalbard and Jan Mayen, while grouped for statistical purposes only by the ISO, are very far apart, seperate administrative divisions, and Jan Mayen has no permanent population (as opposed to Svalbard).

Holy See

holy see

“Holy See” is not the name of the country; Vatican City is. “Holy See” is the name of the religious jurisdiction of the Vatican City-Rome area.