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Hello developers! I’ve been working on my build for about 6 months now, and I figured it was time for the community to give their input on it. If you could answer these questions below, that would be a huge help for me! :slight_smile:


  1. What do you like about the build?
  1. What do you dislike about the build?

Portfolio: Crazed | Mid Poly Builder

Place Link: Mellow Abode [RAR]

Twitter: @Crazedbrick1


It’s one of my favourite showcases on Roblox, and I can’t think of anything I dislike about it! It’s amazing.

  1. It has many different features, all with their own identity
  2. It is all too brown
  3. It would be a clever idea, but clever in reality?

I think it would. It will break up the symmetry of the build a little bit.


Yeah, I also agree. It would look cool.

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  1. Likes About the Build

    The level of detail is fantastic, from the crookedly-placed chairs to the cluttered bookshelves. The fireplace is wonderful. I really like the stone wall texture you used. Even the support beams:
    RobloxScreenShot20210501_160940490 (2) The diamond plate where they connect is a nice touch!
    I also like the music you chose. All of these things help bring this place to life and make it feel lived-in.

  2. Dislikes About the Build

    Looking outside the windows it is just empty. You might want to consider adding some terrain and/or foliage outside to make this place feel more real, especially if you decide to add more windows. Using cold colors for the background scenery (white snow, dark nighttime sky, green trees and grass) would create good contrast between the reds, browns, and oranges you use inside the abode. Where is this cabin and what is it meant to be? A cozy winter shelter? A summer retreat? (The butterflies inside imply a spring/summer vibe but I think either would be great)

    I did notice some Z-fighting (flickering) around the arm ofthe couch:
    I wasn’t able to get a good screenshot of it but you might want to double check this to make sure it doesn’t happen. Fixing stuff like this will make sure that everything looks just the way you want it.

  3. Add More Windows?

    I think adding windows there would nice, especially if you decide to add some natural scenery around the cabin. I think that if you add window then you should give players something to look at!

I hope this helps! Again, this is a really good build and I’m glad you shared it!


The thing I love the most about this amazing build is the natural coziness of the build.

There are only two things I can think of that don’t look right in this build. The first one is the empty and pitch-black window. There should be, as @The1337Jesus stated, some natural scenery outside the window. In my opinion, the best type of scenery would be a harsh winter environment. Think extremely cold and snowy. Amidst the cold, dark, and miserable-looking landscape seen outside the window, the room will stand out like black on a white canvas, creating an inviting and relaxing feeling within the build. The second thing that doesn’t sit right with me is the chandeliers. From the unrealistic flames being emitted from the candles, to the bland design of the chandelier itself, the whole thing kind of sticks out like a sore thumb to me. :frowning:

Honestly, I think the room is fine as it is… but it might look kind of cool. :man_shrugging:

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  1. The lighting is amazing. There’s so much little detail.
  1. The donation board stands out a bit too much. Some small code for a button to disable it would be useful.
  1. I don’t think windows on the side of this build would be good. (If you’re talking about where the books are.)
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It’s AMAZING! You’re one of the most talented builder I’ve seen on the platform in a while!

  1. The lighting just really makes it feel…well, mellow! (and cozy)
  2. Nothing :wink:
  3. Hmm, it might work, it might not. Try it, if you like it then it’s fine!
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What do you mean by this? I’m confused.

  1. Everything.
  2. Well, except for the particles in the candles in the chandelier. My request is that you change those to be an actual fire effect rather than the default sparkle texture.
  3. I reckon those windows might look rather jarring compared to the rest of the build.

Looking at the pictures, the build looks amazing! But when I joined the game I spawned on the roof?

(the red circle is where I spawned)
At first I though this was a glitch so I reseted twice but I still spawned on the roof.
Maybe check if there is a spawn there?


Yea me too! I hope he fixes it soon!

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Like maybe a keybind to just remove the donation board idk.

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@Iost_sock @TiblinoAveiro158 I fixed the spawn glitch! It turns out a part had CanCollide enabled!

Mellow Abode [RAR] - Roblox

  1. The amount of detail in this build is really epic, it also looks decently realistic
  2. Needs windows + the blue donation board doesn’t fit
  3. Yeah probably
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Looks too laggy. But the build looks good. You made it very realistic. 5 months is a huge time. I like cartoony builds like Adopt me! Probably you can make it a ghost house, or something like wizardry. Don’t use copyrighted materials. Or it can be a dining room in a library! Hmmm… So many thoughts :thinking:


Yeah but thanks I had eaten my food peacefully!

Eating in Mellow Abode Dining Room


Hey, did you do a mistake or make it on your wish. I can’t go up. And I analyzed the whole game or showcase for about 5 Minutes.

Here’s the video–


The music was good! did you compose it your own or took it from the ToolBox?