Members bypassing the removal of members being able to post in discussion feature

Hey, another forum feedback post. This has been a problem ever since the ability to create topics in discussion was forbidden from members. Now, they purposely post in the wrong subcategory and it gets moved. This

just defeats the purpose (from last post)

of the removal of topic creation by members. Is there anything that the leaders of this forum can do to prevent this? For example, lock posts instead of moving them? Because i’m sure the feature was removed because of low quality posts by some members and such. (key word; such, not throwing shade at members)

Also, I am pretty sure @sjr04 replied to someone with this exact problem. Can’t find it anymore.

IDK how you posted this so fast after the last topic LOL.

Anyways, here’s what I have to say:

As an FYI, they might purposely (even after knowing it’s incorrect) put it in discussion first because pretty much everyone knows that any topic in discussion gets a lot of attention, meaning a lot of those juicy likes that they want. By the time the sages/leaders take action and move the post, they already got their treasure.

I honestly don’t know how the higher ups can deal with this. They can’t just lock posts as that can do harm to the innocent posts whose creators don’t know much about the Forum and they can’t bring back PA to the category as that will be overwhelming for them. It’s a sticky situation, I must say.

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Yeah I said that here when the question asking about the difference between #discussion and #lounge:roblox-discussion :

I wouldn’t say all of them are intentional. However I bet anything that half of them are.

Members getting their topics in #discussion indeed goes against the restriction placed. To be fair though, if they were more suitable for #discussion then sure they belong there. #discussion topics often talk about game design, and usually vice versa. For this reason I see them as interchangeable but I notice there is a difference.

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Posted this because as soon as I finished writing my other one, I saw at least 2 topics with this problem. I have seen it in the past too. lol

definitely agree. Although the leaders/sages probably do have to come up with a solution because the ability to create discussion topics was removed for a reason.

I’ve moved the topic you were likely talking about to Lounge and have given feedback to DET about why they should not move topics like that over again.


For clarification do you mean that posts made by members will never be moved to #discussion now or do you mean only the certain post type he was talking about?