Memory Analyzer Granular Breakdown

Hi Developers,

In order to help you better analyze the memory consumption of your games, we are now offering detailed information about how much memory individual images, sounds, and meshes are using! You can access this information through the Developer Console.

Currently we have granular breakdowns for the following categories:

  • PlaceMemory
    • Sounds
    • Animation
    • Graphics Texture
    • Graphics Mesh Parts

Let us know what you think and if there are any other categories you would find useful for us to expose!


Would be cool if you could somehow display where in the world the physics are slowing down without having to look into microprofiler and try to figure it out yourself. Big fan of where this is headed!


Useful update, I’ll be able to narrow down what’s slowing down my game with this.

Any plans to support unions with this?

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This is actually insanely useful. Thank you so much!


Excellent. I can now trace which sounds/graphics/animations is causing problems.

Perhaps I test something with these… what could that be…?

Does this pertain to server memory, client memory or both contexts?

Thank you so much! This is exactly the feature I needed to figure out why I have so much random “Graphics Texture Character” memory. Kudos to the team who created this one! :clap:


This. This would be a huge help too.


If we wants our Scripts to access to that, is-it game.Stats? :thinking:
I found that while looking for all of the Services :slight_smile:

This will help greatly when I am trying to optimize my games. Thank you for your hard work.

This is cool to see! :smiley:
Would be even cooler to see an in depth memory analyzer for specific scripts in Studio.

Memory leaks are hard to diagnose :sob:


this’ll be great for me to know where my game slows down and i can definitely say i’ll be taking advantage of this feature. thanks!

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Cool feature.

The biggest issue my team has had with memory is managing our own memory leaks.

When a game’s code base gets big and complicated, its not hard for developers to accidently introduce a memory leak and then have no idea where its coming from. If we could somehow get per-script memory, or if we could define our own memory profiles (like with debug.profilebegin and debug.profileend) that would save us a lot of time and pain in narrowing down our biggest memory hogs.


It appears there’s an issue with the GraphicsTextureCharacter selection on memory view for this.
Not only do the text labels become wonky and not show the data they’re suppose to, it outputs a lot of spam into the console printing the label text.
Picture of wonky text labels on memory view: (This happens on both scrolling up and down.)
Picture of console spam:

Any plans on adding this for other tabs and for the server? This is extremely useful, and would be even more so if it allowed us to see it on the server.


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