StreamingEnabled: Constant Crashing

I will be referring to the first link, as the MAIN LOBBY (Place ID: 7287725541)

I will be referring to the second link, as the MAIN GAME (Place ID: 8801689194)

Over the course of the past few months, I’ve been having several problems with trying to allow a stable connection to my servers, after being attacked by DoS panels on numerous occasions due to conflict with users being banned, they had finally stopped their attacks, however a new issue presented to my main game.

My grievance regarding the DoS topic can be further elaborated here however isn’t relevent to the report, moreso something that was resulting in similar crashes a while ago:

Currently, my main lobby serves as an area to place people in the server, and to prevent any ban-evaders or attackers to the game by making them read the rules before being able to connect to the main game

Then once they do that, they could be prompted to a menu which showed a list of servers, that allows them into the main game.

My main game would constantly crash at a rate from anywhere from 2 hours, to as low as 30 minutes per server.

It has now become so normalized in my community, that they just don’t seem to care anymore and just keep returning back, however its a huge inconvience as it not only disturbs their gameplay, but it also has previously meddled with my datastores for saving functions (which we added new code to combat this)

It began becoming a significant problem on March 21st, of 2022 where at first, I believed it to be a chat issue, as we do have a significantly large game, plus 150-200 players chatting at once constantly as we are a roleplay game, and I believed that maybe it was the result of a chat spam, however it wasn’t the case.

These disconnections would give the error of “Please check your internet connection and try again. (Error Code: 277)” however, would end up resulting in the entire server shutting down, which made no sense.

So, on March 30th, of 2022, I disabled StreamingEnabled to my main game as per a reference to this post, as I believed it was destroying my welds and causing the crashing.

Since I have disabled it, my servers no longer crash and are quite stable, however this came with a few drawbacks.

  • Due to the significant size of my game and high memory usage, it makes low-end PC’s and mobile gameplay basically impossible, with mobile players not even being able to connect to the game at all.

    • I had tested the mobile gameplay theory on an iPhone 12, and immedietly had crashed due to disabling the StreamingEnabled feature.
  • Individual players are reporting that they are crashing, however I’m still unsure that this issue is at the moment and am unsure if it is directly related, however I do know that StreamingEnabled countered this issue.

  • It causes my game to go from a significant 60 FPS for normal gameplay, to 30 FPS on the highest graphics settings, which is a bit of an annoyance to some.

To clarify, the crashing is happening on the main game and the main lobby is simply there to place them into the main game.


The crashes that I see reported for 8801689194 are out of memory crashes, indicating that the server was using too much memory. If you run your game in Studio can you see how much memory the server process is using?

It looks like your game has been experiencing out of memory crashes beginning in February, so this seems unrelated to the weld issue reported in the other thread. If you turn on the memory profiler in your game does it show a particular category increasing unexpectedly?

This is without StreamingEnabled being active, while in-studio.

This is with StreamingEnabled being active, while in-studio

I’m currently not seeing anything that would result in the random crash rates occurring.

This is during normal gameplay as of April 5th, 2022 @ 2:10 PM EST

What we need to look at is the Server memory usage. Is it increasing over time with Streaming Enabled?

Could this be related? My game is streaming enabled and this occurs after a couple minutes.

This only started occurring today to my knowledge, and i’m able to reproduce this in studio. I’ve also tried disabling streaming enabled, and the issue still occurs. The game is also in complete monotony; the same things happen 2 minutes later as they did torwards the game start.

The server memory is normal throughout as well as lua heap, etc. It only gets bad after a couple minutes. Here’s a repro video:

You are able to find that the client memory increases by loading in more specific areas within the game, as seen here:

You are able to see the increase at 0:37 of the clip.

You can see that it jumps by around 50-60 MB per new loaded section, which I thought would be normal for a client-sided issue, however it seems that it was resulting in servers crashing which I found, extrewmely confusing consitering that StreamingEnabled, atleast from what I know, is a client sided thing?

In this clip, I did another test, this time showing the Server Memory within the Studio, and it seemed to actually be going down when I test it.

I should note, these crashes would only ever happen if the server count would hit 75 or more players, with our peak hours being anywhere from 125-160 players depending on the day.

While streaming enabled causes client side changes, it does require the server to do more work to track which instances are replicated to which clients, among other things. It seems likely that you aren’t hitting the server memory limits with small numbers of players, but you are when more players join. You may need to reduce your maximum player count, or see if there any opportunities to reduce the complexity of your place.


Alright, I suppose I’ll keep it disabled for now until I can reduce the size of my game, as it’s been working a lot better. Thank you.

What is the server maximum memory limit?