Memory leak when I play test the game for the first time in a game on Mac using Roblox Studio

There is some serious work that needs to be fixed on Mac when using Roblox and Roblox Studio. For example, when I open a game on roblox studio for the first time, the temperature is around 60-70 degrees and when I play test the game, it increases to about 95 degrees and doesn’t go down even when I stop play testing. It’s complete bs and just shouldn’t happen at all.

Which Mac is this?
From experience running on the new silicon hardware my studio/game performs much better than my actual desktop.

I agree with Ash.
I’ve used a 2012 mac mini and an Apple Silicon M1 (mini). The older one struggled with studio and it’s a breeze for the latter.

Have you tested this with multiple games? Maybe it could be plugins or free models of the game, or a need to update studio. Hope this helps!

Yeah I’ve tested it with all my games, nothing changes. I’m using an M1 MacBook Air which I bought in February 2023.

I’m using an M1 MacBook Air which I bought in February 2023.

Interesting. Does it also happen with normal games, or just in studio?

Yeah, just studio. It’s really weird because I never had this issue until about a month ago.

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Have you compared RAM Usage from before testing, during testing, and after testing using Activity Monitor?

RAM doesn’t actually change all to much. Maybe 200MB but that’s all.